Thursday, November 02, 2006

Training ~ Raining

This is a second day of my training... And it's been raining since yesterday.. hehehe.. no relation ya???? XD
Training ya.. hm... not bad lah.. I've learnt quite lots of things about MOS Words 'cos previously I just learnt it by myself by doing trial and error and now I have a proper training on it.. So.. quite numbers of things I've learnt here that can be useful in my daily work.. but I guess.. it's not enough... I plan to take the MOS Words Expert next year (provided if I can pass my test tomorrow ;P)
Yesterday I finished my course at 5pm and took MRT to Hougang Mall.. U know wad? Once I came out from MRT station, I could see the bright sky still... unlike the situation that I face almost everyday after coming back from work.. Once I came out from MRT station, the sky has changed darker... so... I was quite happy w/ the bright sky.. hahaha... and hopefully today after class, I still can see the bright sky one more time or even more... (not only on weekend).
Today my eldest sis is coming to S'pore. She will reach here about 5pm, and reach her hotel about 6 to 7pm. I'm still not very sure whether I'm going to meet her or not 'cos I'm tired and need to take a rest... Anyway.. we're all going to meet up together this Saturday at my home. She and my 3rd sis finally can make it to the Steamboat & BBQ session. This time, we add BBQ for our dinner.. a bit special mah.... hehehehe... Hopefully the weather will still be cool like these few days.. so the eating session will be very very nice..... XP
How time flies....
Hey, I will be working again next Monday.. How happy I am 'cos I can be away from the boredom for few days.. hehehehe... so.. don't miss me ya... ;P
Teacher is coming in already.. gotta start my lesson soon.. take care & Ciao!!!

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