Friday, November 10, 2006

Yippie... It's Friday again!!!

Last week and this week passed by veryyyyyy fast.... hurrayyyyy!!!! =PPP
Perhaps b'cos last week I didn't come to office for few days and this week I was soooo busy almost everyday.. that's why the time has passed soooo fastt!!! =D
Yesterday I went to VIVO City again after work w/ my colleague. Just the two of us, like usual... =P We had a dinner there, then had a walk lorrrr.... We went to Tangs Dept. Store and do some research about nice pillow!!! I found the pillow that I want!!! And u know how much it costs???? Almost $70!!! =( hiks... too expensive... hiks hiks hiks... It is a mixture of 60% down and 40% feather inside.. so it's veryyy soft and comfortable...!!!! But very expensive too.. hiks hiks hiks... So I decided not to buy first, but look around first before deciding which pillow to buy. I saw one in Giant that sells the feather pillow.. It only costs $19.90 each but the smell is very strong. Perhaps I will buy that one if there is no other alternative... But again, like what my colleague said.. sleep is very important.. at least 8 hours per day, same as the time to work.. so spend more on it is alright.. The most important is that I can have a comfortable and good sleep at nite everyday.. Hm.. quite true actually!!! 'Cos the use of the pillow is also for long term, not just few months then throw. If I spend the $70 to buy some clothes, it's also almost the same mah???? So, I guess if I really like the pillow very much, perhaps I will buy it.. But maybe I can only afford to buy one.. and hopefully my son won't snatch my that pillow 'cos he likes my hair smell very much and always want to use the pillow that I normally use... kekekekeke... =P
This morning.. I also did some research about the flight ticket to Hong Kong. Actually I plan not to go anywhere during next year Chinese New Year.. 'cos my money has become less and less.. then 2 days ago, when my son and I watched TV, there was a Hong Kong Disneyland's advertisement on TV.. and my son said like this in Chinese.. 'Mama, I haven't seen it before le... - 'it' refers to Mickey mouse, donald duck, and so on...' then I replied.. 'You saw it already on TV mah????'. He said, 'No lah.. I haven't seen the Disneyland before.. I want to go there le...'. Then I said, 'Haiyah.. mama no money lehhh...' And you know what he said afterwards???? "Ha??? No money??? No money but you could go alone to US leh.. no money but you could take helicopter there and go to Disneyland there... Where got no money???" OMG!!! When I heard it.. I was stunned... and asked him.. "Hey, who taught you saying like that huh???" "Myself lorr....", he said... Coi coi... nowadays kid is very clever!! Can you imagine?? 4 year-old boy could answer me like that!!! That's why this morning I was thinking to bring him there during CNY and also to meet my sis' children since my bro's daughter would have flew to US already... Hm.. now I will check on the price.. and later on decide on whether should I buy only the air ticket or should I buy the packet from the travel agent.. If the packet's fee is not as expensive as the only air ticket, then I could consider of taking the packet.. Hm... my son went there before also during CNY when he was only 2 years old.. This time.. he may be able to enjoy it better than last time as now he can walk and do things himself... =D
K'lah.. got to continue my job now... XD Spend much time on it already.. hehehehe.... Ciao!!!

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