Monday, December 04, 2006

Build-a-bear workshop

I've got to know this workshop when I was in LA. It was located at Downtown Disney. My friend, Yuli, introduced me to this shop and suggested me to make a personalised bear by ourselves. Wow, it was soo fun!!!

At first, I didn't know why so many children around bringing the house-like boxes and didn't understand where they were coming from, but after making my own bear, then I knew what was it all about.. hehehe... *suaku ya???

Below is the process:

And below is the bear that me and my friend made...

Nice purple party outfits ya??? She has additional shoes, accessories (hat, necklace, and fairy stick), and leopard shawl w/ her.

And last Friday, 1st December 2006, the first shop was opened in Singapore located at the bridge between Vivo City & Harbour Front Centre at 2nd floor. I bought the new clothes for 'Reyka' - my bear's name and to 'Over Kang' - my son's bear's name, such as follow:

Angel outfit for Reyka. I was longing for this since a long time ago. I had one small angel bear before (about 8 years ago) and gave it to my ex-bf. Her name is Reyka too.. her wings were yellow gold colour and I don't know where is herabout now. And now I've fulfilled another my dream to have Reyka this angel outfit, which right for her size. She looks so beautifully. I also bought a pair of shoes and an underwear too for her.. hehehe... Just love her so muchhh!!!
As for Over Kang, I bought the 'Superman' outfit for my son's coming soon b'day. He also likes it very much and keeps saying that he has the Superman outfit as well and wants to wear it together.. =)

If you're interested, you can check it online or even buy it online at

As when u're looking for more varieties, you can go to There are lots more on it, especially those international outfits. Very cute... =)

You can say I am like a never grow up woman in this matter.. 'cos eventually I love dolls a lot.. =P J'aime poupee beaucoup.. XP

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