Thursday, December 07, 2006

Busy.. sleepy..

It's been busy since Monday. Many things to do. Especially my Boss. So many things have to be done by her. I've been busy scanning things and do other things as well..
Slept 9 to 10 hours daily and today I'm still sleepy.. hehehe... Wanna buy nescafe from vending machine, but everything was sold out! What a day!
Gonna meet up w/ my friends later at nite for small gathering..
Hoaheemmmmhhh... still sleepy.. hiks hiks hiks... oya.. I read my ex-classmate's blog recently about her puppy.. the way she wrote.. really fresh and funny.. =)
O ya.. I'm planning to donate blood next Wed. It will be my first time and duno whether it will be my last time too.. XP Try not to get sick this week.. hopefully I can make it! I've been longing for this, but hopefully I really make it =D
Klah.. my sleepiness is still around and I have to find a way to kill it.. XP Ciao!

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