Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Enjoy the process

I watched another HK TV series lately and in one of the series, there was this girl who was saying to enjoy the process of the relationship that she has.. *she loves the guy wholeheartedly while the guy has another girl in his mind..
So many times we only want to see the result. For example: When we're studying in school, we focus our mind mainly to the exam and the reason of school is to pass the exam and get the cert. We may have missed lot of our times of being together w/ friends, go outing w/ them, celebrate any occassion w/ them, etc. When we're working in office, we focus on how to get more sales that leads to more commission. We may have missed lots of our times again of being together w/ colleagues, getting together in company's activity, etc.
And I feel it myself when I make the puzzle few days ago. Before making the puzzle, I was so eager waiting for the days to come. It was challenging for me to finish it up. When doing it, my intention was only to get it finish as soon as possible. But once I finished it, I knew that there was satisfaction that I've finally made it.. but after that.. then what??? Just have to frame it and keep it somewhere before finding a right place to put it on the wall.. And good times have ended in just 2 days.. Just wondering.. If I made it slowly.. yes, it will take longer time to finish it up.. but the joy of making it would have be longer than only two days, rite? Why don't I just enjoy the time? Why must I rushingly finish it up? I knew at the first place that the result would be the same as the picture printed on the box. Hm.. life is so fragile.. I don't know how to describe it in words.. but happiness won't last long and so does the sorrow. It is always be up and down.. good and bad.. Again w/ relationship.. it's better to enjoy the process.. although I will never know what outcome will it be in the future. As long there is hope.. it gives me life. That's much better than just fulfilled every wishes and no wish left to live a life in the future...
But how about the other part has felt?? Will he/she feel the same way too????

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