Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hip Hip Hurayyyy....

Hehehe.... This morning, quite having a good mood... u know y???? 'Cos yesterday nite.. I finally bought my blender!!!! haueahehaehahehaehaehae..... I'd been longing for it since a week ago and kept looking for the best one.. and finally yesterday I bought it at Courts!!! It is a Phillip brand, made from glass and have to rotate to turn it on.. stylo mannn!!! But it can only be used to blend, crush ice, and it has filter as well to separate the juice and the flesh.. wiiiiiii.... Too bad yesterday the fruits at Cold Storage were not fresh at all!!! *I thought they claimed to always serve the freshest food in city???? ;( therefore I only managed to buy melon w/ milk. I bought one tub of vanilla ice cream below my house and deng deng deng deng... VOILA... "melon milk shake"... hehehehehhe.... =D so happy...
Today I plan to buy banana, strawberry, oreo cookies to try out something else.. or even coffee w/ ice cream??? XP
But I'm sure it's only a spur of a moment.. hiaehiaheihaiea.. I may only use it for one two weeks, and after that, it will be kept somewhere in the store room huwhawhawhhawaw... *bad habit... no lah.. fruits and milk are healthy mahhh.. *except for the ice cream... hihihihi..
And this afternoon my colleagues and I plan to buy food for our party later.. hope the budget is enough.. It is quite tight actually.. but we just try our very best!! I want to thank my dear colleague and best friend, PY, for her enourmous help to make this X'mas happier and merrier.. w/ the existance of 6ft X'mas tree this year.. it creates the X'mas mood very much compare w/ previous years... surrounding w/ gifts.. and lots of sponsor from PY *She forked out her own money to buy the boxes, cutleries, and other things as well.. Thank you very much, PY!!!
I just hope everything will run smoothly... =)
Well... talk 'til here.. wanna continue my work.. Merry X'mas everyone!!! Ciao!

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