Friday, December 22, 2006

X'mas celebration @office

Yesterday we were celebrating our X'mas party at the office =) Too bad we didn't manage to take whole dept picture w/ the trees since we were too busy w/ food, gift, clearing up rubbish, clearing up tray, etc. So, I can only attach the photo next to me for this blog ^^

A bit screw up since at 4pm, my boss remembered that she had to issue a BIG cheque to the contractor and it need 2 BIG persons to sign and one of them will fly and available only to sign the cheque before 5pm while the party was supposed to start at 4pm and I was one of the organisers for the party.. So she was rushingly asking my colleague to print out the cheque and I immediately went out from the office as fast as I can, but again.. it was 4 pm plus... which was a difficult time to find a TAXI!!! After waiting for 10 mins, I finally managed to get one.. fiuhh.... and 'luckily' one of the BIG people was away from the office so I didn't have to wait for him to sign it and could rushingly come back to the office.. and again.. have to wait another 10 mins for the TAXI =((( and only reached back to the office about 5pm.

They all have just started and not too late for me to join them.. hehehe... I guess they were waiting for me as well.. heihaiheiaheihaieae.... The food was very nice.. I heard lots of compliments on it. The chicken, spaghetti, sotong ball, etc. Clap hands to my colleague, Alfred, who has given lots of his efforts to cook spaghetti bolognaise for us.. plok plok plok.. and I only asked him to cook it the day before 'cos it's been quite sometime since the last time he cooked it for us and my friend was missing it XP hehehehehe.... Although he got appointment w/ his friend that nite, he still managed to buy the ingredients and cooked it all nite.. Thank you very much!! And the spaghetti w/ its sauce was superb!!!! A big thumb for him!!! =D
I ordered Canadian Pizza (Hawaiian Classic and BBQ Chicken Bonanza). Buy 2 gets 2 free.. hehehe... 2 bottles of sparkling juice.. Sushi.. BBQ Chicken.. hm... plus the log cake... I think people all enjoyed the food very much. Then last but not least was each person taking one number, where each number represents a gift for everyone. Quite fun but not as fun as last year.. hehehehehe....
I got a Winnie the Pooh plastic bag w/ cushion and Minnie Mouse's photo album.. not bad, oh?? Then the party ended about 6pm and at nite PY and I went to Marina Square to find a last minute present for other colleague.. hehehe...
Ok lah.. finish my story 'til here... bye byeeee...... ^^

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