Wednesday, December 27, 2006

'Yoggie' & Shakes

Hehehe.. when I was reading my own blog about the new blender, suddenly I have this urge to write about the 'yoggie' ~ short form of yoghurt ~ and shakes ~ milk shakes ~
So far these were what I have been experiencing since the day I bought the blender ~different types of milk shakes & yoggie w/ fruits:
~ Melon w/ milk & ice cream
~ Banana w/ milk & ice cream
~ Vanilla ice cream & oreo
~ Kiwi w/ ice
~ Orange juice
~ Strawberry w/ yoghurt
~ Pinneaple w/ yoghurt
~ Strawberry, pinneaple w/ yoghurt
My cousins brought a pack of durian from Bangka and it is now kept at the freezer at home. Hehehe... I will try to blend the durian w/ milk. How does it sound??? XP
Fruits mixed w/ yoghurt is good. I used the plain yoghurt to mix. Both fruits and yoghurt are good for digestion system and fruits contain lots of vitamin as well.. so.. hopefully I can still maintain this habit of drinking yoggie & shakes.. hehehehe...

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