Friday, February 09, 2007

Reyka Vodka

Knew about this product about half year ago when I was in one of the shops in LV searching for mini Absolute =)

Quite amazed that the name resembles the nickname that I had almost 10 years ago.. I bought the mini one, but I don't know what is the taste like..

Kinda scared to try as I thought it might be so strong.. Hm.. maybe one day.. At the mean time, I'm still sticking to my Abolute for Vodka

Today is Friday.. Wow... that's pretty fast!!! In one week time.. I'm going to fly... And now we can feel the atmosphere of CNY already... Yesterday and today evening my colleague and I were decorating the canteen w/ those CNY ornaments. She bought some and some of us made the rest.. Our dept was chosen to decorate the canteen and to organise the event. Since I won't be present on the celebration day, I could only help them decorating the place.. Hm.. orange.. orange.. lovely and sweet orange... lalala lalala.... Have a great weekend....

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