Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!!!
Do you feel any difference today??? Or do you feel the same???
For me.. I feel slightly different.. =)
When I opened my office email this morning.. I received one e-card from my friend who are now staying faraway from me. Thanks for your lovely thought, Flo!!! And not long after I opened it, I received another one.. also from her.. hahahahhaa.... I could imagine that she was sitting in front of computer to send it to me that time.. so I quickly replied her... and told her.. wah, u really got lots of time huh.. til sent me twice.. hahaha... But I really appreciate it Flo!It brighten up my day... Then I received another card in another email.
Well... I read newspaper this morning.. someone wrote that nowadays people thought that Valentine's Day is too commercialised.. It's the time when seller trying to get lots of money from buyer... hehehe... But it can be done by other ways.. not just buying expensive presents, flowers, chocolates, etc.. but just by sending sms, e-card, and even call to say 'hi' would be much appreciated.. Have you done ur part today??? =D
And it's not just about love.. but friendship too..
I don't have any plan today.. yet.. o yeah.. I remember now.. There is Euro Fun Park near my area's MRT station. I passed by the place yesterday nite... I read in newspaper that they want to attract couples to ride on their big wheel to have a romantic Valentine's day.. kekekeke....
What can u see there in HDB area??? But I heard they will build one later near IR area.. It won't cost cheap but I guess u can have a much better view than this one.. hihihihi... so.. worthed to wait for.. XP
So.. back to the topic.. what have u guys had for today??? How do you spend it w/ ur love one?? As for me.. Everyday is a Valentine's day.. so nothing special about it.. hehehe... but somehow.. something little extra will do.
Enjoy ur day!!!

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