Friday, March 23, 2007

Boring day...

Uhhhh.... a whole boring day... =(((
Today I bought two magnets online from separate seller. And I will collect another two next Monday. Not bad, I managed to make friend w/ a girl through this collection. She has supplied me w/ 6 magnets so far and she helped me to find the magnets from other sources =)
I've just come back from the State of Co Address. We spent 1.5 hrs inside.. kinda boring.. =P And we were supplied w/ fresh baked croissant, carrot cake (not chau tau kway), sandwiches, fruits, and most importantly.. Movenpick ice cream =)))
Wah.. it's been so long time ago since I ate Movenpick for the last time. I still remember my old days, when my ex-colleague, Soong, and I went up to Lausanne from Geneve (about 45mins by train). We were on our day off and we took the tram up to above the Lausanne - I forgot what is the city's name - and we went into the Movenpick Cafe and we ordered "tete a tete" which includes 8 scoops of different flavors of icecream chosen by us added w/ fruit salad, cream, and wafers. And we ate during winter time - just the two of us. How romantic we were! Hahahaha.... I still kept the photo in my album =)
Now Soong is working and living in London and yah.. we met just last year when he came back home to M'sia and visited S'pore w/ his mom. He has lost lots of weight.. perhaps b'cos he lost his ice cream eater' partner... hahahaha.. just kidding ;P
Well... another 15 mins to off another Friday and then ciao ciao... back to boring life.. ^^

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