Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cleaning day...

Wow... It's such a long time since I really cleaned my room.. =D Usually I clean it on Saturday, but since that period of time, I really seldom cleaned my room. If the toilet was dirty, then I washed it, but not the room itself.
This morning I had this sudden urge.. hehehe... I woke up at 10am and started to arrange my bags and the things inside - I didn't have time to do it since last week.. So I packed my things accordingly.
I prepared some clean bed and pillow sheets 'cos it's been quite some time since I changed it for the last time. Since nobody was at home, I turned the queen-size mattress around myself - usually it's my hubby's job 'cos it's heavy - to make sure the spring is well used both sides. When I lift up the mattress, I saw the floor below my bed was very dirty and I couldn't stand see that view so I cleaned it immediately. After finished wiping the floor, I continued changing the bed sheet - queen and single mattress. I cleaned the floor, washed the clothes & dirty sheets. While waiting for it, I ironed my working attires - usually I did it last minute on Sunday night.. But now I got so much free time, so I just did it today. Once the washing machine stops, I started to hang the clothed and sheets outside. Quite heavy.. but I managed to do that.. hehehe.. Today is sunny day and it makes the clothes to be dried faster. Done!
I was going back to the room to scrap the room's ceiling. My hubby painted the room's ceiling before but dunno why the paint started to crack and it looks very annoying. So I took a pile of chairs and scrap the room's ceiling to make it look much better.. but the colour of course not nice la.. no choice lor... rather than seeing it crack here and there..
After that it's toilet time. =) I wiped the whole wall - up and down. Sprayed Mr. Muscle to some areas that were moldy.. hehehe... then brushed here and there.. trying hard to clean it..
Then I took out the fan's body. It was so dirty. I washed it in toilet. Dried and put it back again. Then I took a bath lor.. hehehe.. 'cos it was me who dirty ;)
I continued cleaning the make-up table and the back of my bed.. kekekeke.. so dusty.. Then finished.. It's 4pm liao. I went out to buy vegetarian food, ate it at home then now.. writing this before I go to bed.. hehehehe...
Wahhh... it's so hard to be a housewife.. I can't imagine how my 2nd sis clean her 4-storey house everyday w/ 2 kids around... kekekeke.. but amazingly she is difficult to lose weight.. kekekeke... It's good to be able to write again.. just to express what I feel..
Actually I wanted to go to Kwan Im temple this afternoon, but now it's already 5pm, the temple is going to close soon.. so.. I will try to visit it tomorrow morning or afternoon then..
I also plan to study.. hahahaha.. maybe not today... Tomorrow my mom and the gank from Bangka will come down to S'pore. My hubby invited them to have steamboat at our house and also to Lohei together. Well.. write till here.. Maybe watch 1 episode of Doraemon or more before really going to sleep.. hehehe.. Ciao!!!

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