Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Disasters in Indonesia

Yesterday afternoon when I logged in into e-buddy, one of my friends who is working in Jakarta asking me if I could feel an earthquake. I told him, I didn't feel anything, perhaps because I was sitting in Basement 1. Then I heard from news saying that the earthquake was originally happened in Padang, West Sumatera which was located about 450km from Singapore. The strength of the earthquake was ranging from 5.5 to 6.6 Scale Richter.
There was about 70 over people died from the casualties.
My cousin who works in Shenton Way was saying that he could feel the earthquake yesterday since his office was located in 24th storey and my hubby also called me saying that his buddy had to evacuate from the building where he works in Beach Road there.
And this morning, my colleague told me that Garuda Indonesia Airline exploded this morning in Yogyakarta, East part of Java Island. News said almost 50 people died while the total passengers was 140 (including 7 crews). It was just like few months ago when Adam Air was missing and one of the ferry sunk. How sad the situation is.. how badly the country's situation is... The Jakarta's flood was also happening just one or two months ago..
Now you know why my father encouraged us to go out from the country as long as we can.. while he still remains living there.. But again, it's all depending on our fate and luck in life.
Feel sorry for those families who were affected from the disasters..

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