Friday, March 09, 2007


Last nite I went to meet my hubby for dinner. We ate Sumo Bento. It's been long time since we ate for the last time when it was still in Toa Payoh. All bentos, ramen set is very cheap ne.. My set (fried rice, chicken katsu, miso soup, salad, fruit) costs only $4.90, while my hubby's set (udon w/ tempura) was $5.90. We added yakitori (Japanese satay 3pcs) for only $2.00 - promo product (U.P. $2.90) hehehe.. I'm not promoting them lor.. but their food is really cheap and tastes not bad. We even had free flow Japanese green tea - free of charge.
He was stationed in AMK since yesterday 'til his last day of work. So he went back to work after dinner, while I browsed around and wasted my time while waiting him finish his job at 9.30pm. I went to see the new AMK Hub where the NTUC hypermarket was built at B2. Not all shops have been opened (at 1st, 2nd, B1, and B2 level). I stopped by Sony Ericsson shop and W880 has been sold lor... No contract is $858 - so expensive... I don't want to buy it, but I'm interested to buy the other new model, which has not come out yet - K810, 'cos I want the phone w/ good camera - 2MP is not enough for me.. hehehehe.. I'm craving for at least 3.2MP, 'cos my hubby's phone - K800 is not bad lor... I mean for the photo's quality. It moves fast too.. My phone, perhaps too full, or too old, works quite slow nowadays. Photo's quality has been deteriorated as well.. that's why I plan to change it w/ K810. Ever consider of buying N95 - the 5MP camera's phone, but again.. first, I think the price would be very very very expensive, second, many functions would be wasted since I won't use them very often and third, I'm more familiar w/ Sony Ericsson all this while.. hehehe... so.. I think K810 would be my choice.. =)
Then browse around the new NTUC hypermarket. Not bad la.. They try to compete w/ Carrefour, Giants and so on. I just browsed around and bought avocado milkshake in one of the durian's shop - not nice... hehehe.. then sat for a while 'til he finished his job.
We went back home by bus and reached home at about 10pm. I had my second dinner at home.. hahaha... rice w/ udang petai cabai ;P and amazingly my son started loving it. When I gave him a spoonful of it, he wanted more. He wanted his own bowl of rice w/ petai in it.. hahahahaha... and after eating it, his mouth was sooo smelly.. hahahahahahahhaa... my cute son... =)
We slept at about 11pm. Hm.... and this morning I dun feel like waking up.. *sigh... I want to sleep moreeeee.... but too bad.. I had to wake up!!! But anyway.. today is Friday liao.... and tomorrow then I can wake up late.. hahahaha... Ok lah.. write 'til here.. Ciao

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