Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jia you!!!

Hm... funny.. yesterday I was so hungry after work that I decided to eat chicken bakmi before having my class. I chose my sit and next to me there were two other guys were talking to each other. When I was eating, I was looking at the guy who was sitting next to me at my opposite direction and both of us looked each other and found out that he is the guy who started ACCA together w/ me long time ago - back in Sep 2004. I entered my class late at that time. The class started in June but I only followed it in Sep so I missed lots of notes and fortunately, this guy were willing to lend me his notes. That's why I remember him 'til now! He is taking full-time class and when I was taking my Paper 1.2, I was taking full-time class too *I hadn't started working at that time. So after the exam ended, I hardly saw him anymore until I met him again yesterday.. Wow... what a fate!! And he told me he only left 2 more paper then finish his ACCA. Wow... while I'm still left far behind.. hehehe... After that incident, it helped me to push myself at least to finish this paper.. The result, I don't know.. but at least I must finish my course and take the exam.. So on break time, I enrolled my revision course for my paper... Hiks... hard time is going to come again.. hiks hiks hiks.. dunno if I can do it or not.. but at least.. I've decided to move on!!! Jia you!!!
I was munching 'strawberry sour power' - bought at 7-eleven - to keep myself alive in class.. hahaha.. It was effective though and tastes good.. I may buy it again.. but eat too much can make myself fat.. hahahahahhaa..... More things to learn.. Yesterday we just finished one part of the financial management and starting this Saturday - unfortunately I'm planning to skip the lesson - we will start another part 'til the end of the semester.
After class, I met my hubby at S11 in AMK and had my favourite chicken cutlet before going back home. We reached home at 11.10pm. I took a bath, washed and dried my hair like usual before going to bed and had a chat w/ him and my son 'til we felt asleep.
Btw, since Thursday would be my hubby's last day of work, all of us will be able to attend the Family Day organized by the company where I work. I asked my sis-in-law and her family to come along but they're not sure if they can make it. And I've booked a hotel room at hotel's sister in town and three of us are going to stay there after a very tiring day... hehehehehehe... What a wonderful plan!! ;P Hope everything will go on smoothly and we have a good health for that period of time.
This morning I've received emails from old friends. So happy.. =)
Hm.. I should plan myself and family a trip to China when we have enough money.. I miss my friends there.. Beijing and Qing Dao are two of my destinations... hehehe.. Not hurry...
Ok lah.. gotta continue my work.. Have a great day!!!!

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