Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Last nite dream

Hahaha... I had two dreams last nite. First was about a guy w/ two women. He just arrived w/ a woman and once that woman went out, the other woman fetched him. But after that, heard that the man flew back to Hong Kong !@?%?#!!?#? Yeah.. just a dream..
And second dream was about family trip, again, my 4 sis and mom. But this time, our journey was to Switzerland.. hahahahahahhaa.... Yesterday nite, I was watching TV Mobile on the way home by bus and the title of the series, I think, was picnic global where one guy and one girl introduced different cuisines, cultures, etc from other countries. And yesterday topic's was about Switzerland. So, in the dream, my second sis went out w/ us w/out her children - usually she can't go anywhere w/out her child.. but this time was exceptional that's why she was sooo happy.. hahahaha... *only in a dream mahhh??? ;P Then my 3rd sis bought a HUGE backpack, which I think it could fit equally 2 luggages in - but when I saw it, it was empty.. hahaha.. Can't imagine if it's full and how she'd able to carry it herself??? Then all of us reached the train station and funnily, the train can overtake the other train w/ using no railway - wow.. how dangerous it was!!! I had to shield my mom away to avoid the incoming train, but it was ok.. seems like it's normal scene down there... *weird... Then my 2nd sis was looking for which train for us to take.. and she said if night time, we couldn't see any scenery.. or if from this place to another one there was no scenery to see.. something like that.. until I woke up... hehehehe...
Waaa... I miss Switzerland very much... =) Last time I kept wanting to go out from the country 'cos I was bored w/ it.. hahahaha... I miss the fondue, raclette, cuckoo clock, snow, everything!!!
Yeah.. saving money and go there 5 years later for our 10th anniversary then.. hahahaha... *I wish... =)
Okay okay... no more daydreaming..
Anyway.. last nite I was having a very nice dinner.. hehehehe... My hubby fried the yellow chicken, reheated nasi uduk, eaten w/ sambal udang petai - my mom's cooking, w/ sambal peanut and fried onion.. Waaaa... very very very nice... =)
No wonder I was having a good sleep afterwards.. hahahaha... *endut...
Oh ya.. my mom called me again yesterday and told me that she has bought me another 2 Doraemon's things for me.. hahahaha.... Cute mum... Thanks Mum!!!
Wa.. beginning of the month again.. this month consists of 4 full weeks plus few days.. so.. not that easy to pass by.. Agenda for this month.. my Swiss friend will stop by in Singapore after his trip to Bali - maybe 2nd or 3rd wk of the month.. Family day is coming next Saturday.. My colleague's will be on long leave, so I have to cover her duties doing casual labour daily.. My friend's wife is going to give birth soon.. and PY will come back this month too - hopefully she made it!!! I have to study hard too.. hopefully... and that's all for now!
Emailed my school friends yesterday, but noone replied yet.. kekeke... so busy ya???
Well.. that's all for this morning.. =) Ciao!

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