Saturday, March 17, 2007

My long lost friend - Bass

This morning I woke up quite early so I decided to go online first before get myself ready for the family day. And I was so surprised and happy when I got an email replied by the guy who is in the pic. His name is Bass. He is Chinese nationality. I knew him from my school in Swiss. I was in my 4th year while he was there studying English. And we often met at study room.. to study, of course. I was impressed by the way he learned English. He always brought his dictionary and wrote some words in his notebooks and tried to memorize it. Everyday he would write one page. Amazing!!! And slowly he started learning the subject - not just English.
We talked once we were quite tired w/ studying and not many students in class. And after I graduated, what I left from him was his email address. And I managed to email him after some time but when I tried to email him again, it was returned to me. I thought his email address has changed or invalid. And recently I was checking my yahoo email and read his previous email.. so I tried to send him an email using the same email address.. and this morning I found his reply in my mail. =) He told me he is now studying French in France. He got married in France too, but he didn't mention to whom he got married and how was his journing since he left Swiss hehehe... the friendship continues.. and I'm glad to meet my long lost friend again.. =)

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