Saturday, March 03, 2007


Last nite I was online 'til 2am. I watched Doraemon at Youtube while waiting for hubby to come back home. He went back w/ McD at 2am. He showed me about the salary paper list from the profit that the shop could make and I asked him to quit. It was ridiculous the way they chart the profit and the salary. Working day and nite.. it ended up.. w/ earning nothing. Wasting time. I suggested him to go back to his previous company but he doesn't want. Up to him lah. If he likes to wasting time like that then just let him be. At first, I supported him doing this job.. but now.. it's just not worth it. Anyway, it's him who does the job so let him decide.
I was chatting w/ my friend too last nite. She was complaining about something, and so did I. Different people got different problems, indeed. I told her I wish to die early and leave nothing in this world. I set 'life truly sucks' on my msn.. hehehe.. and another friend told me that I sounded very pessimist. And another one asked me to cheer me up and gave me a cute little icon */sayang.. hahaha... Thanks for ur attention.. but noone understand what I feel now. Some thought I was fine. 'cos I didn't let them know what my new problems are.. hehehe.. anyway.. life must go on.. I'd better do something else today to divert my thought over this stupid things again and again... Have a nice weekend to everyone!!!

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