Thursday, March 01, 2007

Over Kang

Hehehe... do you know why I'm changing the name of this blog into Over Kang? Where the name comes from? Here is the story...
I had 'reyka' teddy bear for me and my son wanted one as well. So one day during lunch time, I saw one teddy bear in the open shop. It was not so big nor so little. Just nice and cute for him. So I bought one. He was so happy w/ the bear and eventually after a while, he gave this teddy bear a name.. duno where it comes from.. but he gave it name 'Over Kang' =)
So.. now u know the story rite? I found it cute.. hehehe.. somemore.. when I read it.. it's similar when u say 'overcome'.. so that's why I use the new name for my blog. *see pic - Reever w/ Over Kang =)

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