Friday, March 02, 2007

Sick.. Flu.. Heavy.. =(

Finally I get sick.. Coy coy coy... Hiks... I was so strong last few months but this time I collapsed.. And it's because of the rain.. I was caught running in the rain for few times and it ended like this despite of having enough rest these last few days. Haiyahhh.. if not because of today's event, I already went to doctor and took mc today... But this morning my colleague has given me a medicine so I see first if it works well.. Maybe later after work I will see doctor near my house one just to get a medicine for weekend rest..
Yesterday I met my sister eating bakso at Ayam Penyet.. hihihihihi... We ate and chatted. She said my mom and relatives will come to S'pore before they go to Penang to do the body check-up. She was worried if there is not enough room to fit all of them (total is 6 of them). See how lor... We went back home not long after. I slept before 10pm at nite and last nite was really cold. Oh ya.. I went to Hong Lim there again yesterday afternoon after lunch. I was browsing for snack's shop but I couldn't find one. I went to bank again 'cos the day before the machines were spoilt. Then, I was thinking of buying kopiping or tesiping.. hahahaha.. but u know what thing I ended up buying?? I bought a HL Milk.. hahahhaa... Usually I didn't drink white milk. It's my first time buying the HL Milk white. I bought the chocolate one before but this time.. I chose white one. Do you know why???? 'Cos yesterday morning I read a newspaper saying that drinking milk can make woman to get pregnant easier.. LOL... =D And at the same time, it helps my digestion system.. hahahahhaa....
Oh ya.. yesterday afternoon I got to chat w/ one of my friends who is in Jakarta. His wife is pregnant and the baby will come out in three weeks time. He said his wife will do the ceasarian ops to give birth. So I asked him if he has chosen any date and time and he said he asked his wife's uncle to choose the time and date.. But after I checked, I let him know the meaning if the baby comes out on that date and time chosen.. And I gave him some alternative date and time that would be better. But to follow or not.. it's up to them. 'Cos he said since he has asked his wife's uncle to choose, better to respect it.. Well.. if it's me.. if I have a choice.. of course I'll choose a better one.. but again.. human can only plan and only above can decide... rite? =)
About having baby now.. I also still don't know.. to have or not.. hehehe... let nature decide la.. But I know very sure that if I have to give birth to another baby.. I will lose my freedom these few years.. but I think it's all worthed =) So leave it to nature then... If it's urs, it's urs.. if it's not urs... let it be..
Well.. enough for this morning.. There are still long time to go!!! =( hahahahahaha... Jia you!!!!

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