Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Waaa.. what a surprise!!! I just wrote in previous blog this morning that my Swiss friend is coming down to S'pore but never expect that she called me today! Woww... she called me from the airport just now and saying that she supposed to have a direct flight to Bali but since her passport didn't have enough pages for the Indonesian visa, she has to stop in S'pore and go to Swiss embassy to add some new pages in it. And she told me her flight is going to be at 4pm, so she asked me if I had time for lunch with her. Yeah.. of course la!!!! (*see pic - Vivian & Maurizio)
So we're going to have lunch later and to make thing easier - I bet she doesn't have a S'pore mobile number - we're going to meet at the place where I work at 12 noon and we're going to have our lunch then. She told me she is not a vegetarian anymore.. hahaha.... yeah.. she used to be.. Btw she is alone 'cos she supposed to fly to Bali to meet her hubby, which was there since Feb 19th.
Actually I knew her husband first, Maurizio. He was my colleague when I was working in the kitchen. Maurizio was working as one of the Chef. And he is a very friendly and nice person. Other than just mutual colleague, we actually became friends. I invited them for dinner at my rented place before and they invited me for fondue at their rented place too.. not only that. Both of them invited me and another colleague to their small house at one of small place in Swiss nearby his mom's house. It is a very cute tiny house made of wood and stone. He drove us down from Geneva to there at nite. We went to forest to pick up grapes, chestnut and went to his home's garden to pick up vegetable and some 'special' herbs.. hahahahaha...
Yeah.. they are a very nice couple and they even came for my graduation and one of the school's cultural night event. It's been almost 9 years we know about each other and hope our friendship will last forever... =)
Can't wait to meet her... =)

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