Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yesterday I was reading newspaper. There is an article regarding the protection of your blog, email and other thing online. There was a blogger who was hacked and when she acquired back her password, the 3000 posts have been deleted by the hacker and they couldn't find the hacker 'til now. Eee... sounds scary... I mean.. yeah.. I've changed my blog's and email password to avoid someone to delete or hack mine.. *You must be thinking.. who in the earth wants to delete my blog/email.. hahahahhaa.... Yeah.. just play safe.. better be safe than sorry, rite??

Well.. last nite I had a very nice dinner w/ my hubby, son, and my sis at Out of the Pan @Raffles City. I called up before dinner to inform them that I'll need to get staff discount for the dinner. My sister enjoyed the food very much and insists of coming back again next time when her hubby, my mum, and eldest sis coming to S'pore. Well, I've no problem w/ it as long as they allow us to use the staff discount in the premise.

We ordered caesar salad, mushroom, and tomato soup for our starter. The soup was very nice and so does the crepe. I had Pecking duck crepe, while my hubby ordered Beef & bell peppers crepe. My sis ordered the same as mine. Then we had Banana Boat for our dessert.. nyummy...

After that, my sis went back home, while the rest of us walked to Carrefour in Suntec and went back home by bus. I slept quite late last nite after watching C.S.I on TV (my favourite series).
I had dream again last nite.. different topic of course.. =) and I decided to buy the thing today so I dun need to dream about it anymore...

My desire for doraemon magnet has getting more and more exciting! Hahaha... So far, I managed to get 4 of 6 special edition, which comes w/ high price hahahaha.. I was finally defeated 'cos previously I said that I won't die hard to get those collection but I've set aside a budget of 50 bucks for that 6 things and hopefully I can get it all w/a low price as far as possible.
I enjoyed the process very much. I've known and met some people. I enjoy the bidding - although I lose - hehehehe... I was busy w/ transferring money to many bank accounts.. Sms the seller about their things.. and many more... =)
Once I fulfill all the album, I might go back to my normal life and get bored again.. hahahaha.. but not necessary la... I will find other thing to busy with... hehehehe.... =)
Well.. write 'til here for today... Ciao!!!

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