Saturday, April 21, 2007

Change blog's address

I change my blog's address again 'cos my friend told me that somebody has managed to read my blog, which I don't want them to know. So far, not many people know about my previous blog's address. I just gave it to my few close friends. But someone has intruded into my privacy. I didn't let her know about it, but I'm sure she is the one who read mine 'cos only she got the access into my blog's address and I think she is not professional in doing her job. Better be careful w/ this person...
Well.. today my friend visited me and brought Daisy flowers for me. Thanks PY! Actually you don't need to spend your money buying me that.. 'cos ur presence has meant a lot to me already. Well.. I didn't tell many people about what has happened to me.. except to my colleague who has to cover my duty while I wasn't around, to my asst Boss and to HR Manager. Yeah.. I know.. people will say many things about me when I didn't go to work, which coincidentally at the same time as when my Boss wasn't around. I dun really care about what they say 'cos my condition was unpredictable. I didn't even want it to happen to me. Then, when talking w/ my friend, suddenly I remember that I have forgotten about my Boss' plants. She asked me to put some water to her plants... and since I was so distracted w/ my condition, I completely forgot about it. I hope the plants are still alive and I'll ask my colleague to help me to water it 'til I come back to work..
Wah.. time flies very fast. We chat and now it's nite already. I've booked an appointment w/ the masseuse and she will come to my house tomorrow afternoon. I really need the massage very much.... and get enough rest.. Write 'til here then... Ciao

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