Monday, April 23, 2007

Complete Doraemon ^^

Yesterday finally I got a full-body massage at home. Wahh... so painz yaaa.... hehehehe.. but it was shiok!!! It took about an hour. Then I watched Korean DVD alone. My hubby was seeing TCM @Chinatown since he complained a lot of times about his pain. My son went out w/ my sis-in-law and others. It left me alone.. that's why I decided to spend my time by taking a rest and watching the Korean DVD. I ended up crying again.. and this time.. I cried more than the first DVD I watched on few days before... Alamak!!! Never expect that almost Korean movies end up w/ crying... kekekekekeke...... And my hubby came back home and saw me crying... heiheiheihiehiee... This time he brought back another two Doraemons for me... The happy one and the 'wekkk' one.. Thank you very much hubby... And when my son came back home, he was much more exciting than me and claimed that he loves Doraemon too... hahahahhahaa.... *see pic - 4 Doraemons in actions... ;P

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