Monday, April 09, 2007

New computer @office

Wiiiiii..... today my colleague changed my computer except for the monitor. The flat screen monitor will only be put once they have finished their training... Waa... so nice... It's now Microsoft XP and not Microsoft 2000 anymore. New mouse.. new keyboard... hp brand.. haehaiheiahiehiae... replacing the Dell. Good thing about it, it comes w/ DVD write/read.. where previously it's only CD read. Next time can bring own DVD to watch.. haiehiaheihaiea... *u wish.. no lah.. just kidding.. ^^
Haven't tested the sound quality yet... wah, the keyboard sound is very soft mannn.. different w/ the one I used before... I think the process is faster as well.. The lotus notes is new version.. *so exciting... haiehiaheihaiehiae...
And today my colleague gave me lots of doraemon magnets.. and I found what I want!!! It's very hard to find.. not even to buy... almost everyone is looking for it. And as a return, I bought him chocolate bars as per his wishes.. hehehehe.... Thanks H!
Later I have class.. I plan to sit behind this time. 'Cos usually I will sit at the first row to make my eyes open all the time. It's kinda waste that I won't continue my study in this line.. but I really have no motivation to learn it :(
Well.. write 'til here... Ciao!

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