Friday, April 20, 2007

Rest at home

It's Friday! How time flies... I just stay at home and take a good rest of myself. I can feel that my body is getting weaker nowadays. My mom smsed telling me to eat 'healthy n nutritious' food, but the nurse at the hospital told me not to eat those food yet.. That's why I just eat a normal food. But I can feel that I haven't got my energy back. So, I didn't dare to go out except to just nearby my house to have a short walk or to fetch my son back from school. Hm... maybe I should buy more fruits later..
What seems good outside, don't really good. I mean.. people thought I was so good having sick leave for days.. but I prefer not to get sick. I prefer I'm healthy and still go to work. O ya.. I missed the Secretary week this year.. hahaha... For the previous 2 years, I always attended the lunch.. but not this time. I can't do anything anyway... How to go in this type of condition?? I was thinking of having a traditional massage. Maybe I will call the person later to check if I can be massaged or not. Still left few days to really have a good rest at home.. I can feel some pain sometimes.. =(
Well.. just write til here.. gotta take a bath soon.. and rest again... Ciao!!!

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