Monday, April 30, 2007


Today my boss comes back to work. And you know what??? She bought me Hard Rock t-shirt from Niagara Falls... weeeee..... I really didn't expect that. When I was travelling to SF, I bought her one as well and now she bought me back.. hiehiehie... Thank you Boss!!!
And I apologize for making her plant become yellow in colour 'cos I wasn't around and forgot to ask my colleague to put water in it.
She also bought the cute and colourful clips to be used in the office.. hehehe.. some snacks from Japan and chocolate from Canada. Hm... so good ya.. I think I want to go to east part of America together w/ east part of Canada if I got enough money. I can stay w/ my sis-in-law and I have friend also in Baltimore and Toronto.. hm... not this year la.. My sis-in-law plans to come back to Singapore & Indonesia for holiday in July.
Yesterday I finally bought a new hair dryer. I made the old hair dryer spoilt about 3 weeks ago. And we chose quite a good one yesterday in Courts. Not bad.. I tried it last nite and it really works well. Hehehe....
Still looking for a pair of new shoes for working purpose. Can't find any yet. It's very hard for me to find a suitable pair of shoes.. so.. hope the old one still functions well 'til I got the replacement ;P
Last Saturday I went for Estee Lauder private sale. Got the voucher from my colleague and managed to buy some things for my mom (parfume), my eldest sis (cosmetic's pouch), my dear hubby (parfume) -- he quite likes it though... and for my self (foundation, mask, face powder, etc.). Spent quite a lot of money on it. Hiks hiks... Hope I'll still be able to save money 'til next year... hahahaha...
Well.. write 'til here.. gotta work now... Have a nice day!!!

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