Friday, April 06, 2007


Human's life is really unpredictable. You may exist now, but maybe not tomorrow, not even an hour later and the best thing is.. nobody is ever knowing when their time comes. There was one auntie who lived at the same block w/ us, but on the top floor. I heard she went to Australia to attend her grandchild's graduation and on 1st April, my mother-in-law came back home telling us that she has passed away there. She was attacked by a sudden heart-attack and fell down and passed away not long after that. =( Although I didn't really close w/ her, but I often saw her as she was quite close w/ my mother-in-law. She often gave us food to eat and quite active in the neighbourhood area. Really unpredictable. My hubby wasn't even believe it and was thinking it might be April's fool trick of the day.. The auntie's hubby flew once he got the news and today they set up the tent at our block's below for people to pray. Her body will be flown tomorrow. Just looked at it made me crying. I dunno if it's just my mood.. but I really cry.. my heart is really crying... even tears are dropping from my eyes now..
I just... can't accept this sad situation. =((

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