Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bangkok Trip 24-27 June 2007

Finally.. I stepped my feet to Bangkok, the place that is not far from my hometown, but only after 28 yrs later then I had a chance to go. =) I had worries in mind when it comes to the unstable political situation there, but after returning back here safely.. I really thanks to the above for everything!!! I like to go to the places I've never been before. I like to see the other people's cultures, traditions, etc.
Although from the appearance we look almost alike, we still differ from each other. The language we spoke, the words we wrote or read, the beliefs, the manners.. there were so much differences.

Day 1

Reaching the Suvarnabhumi Airport, my hubby and I were fetched by ++ (my Taiwanese friend who stays there for almost 3 years). She drove us down to Chatuchak weekend market and we met w/ Ching & her sis there. We went separately and met each other at 5pm. Chatuchak opens only on weekend (Saturday and Sunday) 'til 6pm. It is very big. There were thousands of small shops selling many different things. The prices are quite cheap. Lots of items were sold only for 100 Baht. They sell clothes, accessories, furniture, plants, pets, food & drinks, garments/underwear, souvenir, bags, belts, etc. The weather was hot that day, sometimes I felt I couldn't breath. We needed to top up ourselves w/ water every half or an hour to avoid dehydration. We bought things that were mostly clothes for family members.

We then separated again. My hubby, me and ++ went to hotel to check in and had a little break there before we headed ourselves to Phatphong area. Ching's friend, Pui, drove us to Jim Thompson Cafe, somewhere around there to have dinner (local Thai food). My opinion was that.. the food was almost the same w/ the one served in Thai restaurant in Singapore =D So.. not very fantastic. But they served durian w/ glutinous rice for the dessert and it reminded me of the same thing that my father used to cook, he probably still cooks and eats it the way it is.

We finished our dinner at about 10pm then Ching brought us to walk around the Phatphong area. Although we had to wake up as early as 5.30am the next morning, we still went for it, since we were there. Ching brought us to the alley where both sides of the road lies lots of pubs w/ bar top dancing. Some even has a show. Lots of people offered us to see the show, but we were too afraid to agree to it. So we ended up walking around and we went in to Naraya (shop selling bags made of clothes - very famous) and shopped some presents for family members. We went back home finally at about 12 plus after struggling looking for a decent taxi driver who was willing to drive us back using the meter.

Day 2

We woke up at 5.30am and left our hotel at 6am and met Ching, her sis, her Taiwanese friend (Guo Qi) w/ his girlfriend and guy friend at Lebua Hotel. We departed from Lebua Hotel at about 6.50am and it took us about 2 hours before we reached the Damnoen Saduak floating market, situated 110kms West of Bangkok. Ching's friend arranged a small 7-seat van for us to go around costs about Thb 2,800 (quite cheap to be share for 7 of us). Then all of us took the small boat costs Thb 200/ person. The guy brought us to the morning market. We bought some snacks on boat, including the kway teow soup, which tastes very nice!!! We also bought coconut. One per person. We stopped at one place where they were showing the process of making coconut sugar and selling souvenirs. We went around the area, fed the fish w/ fish food, etc. The whole trip took us about 2 hours.
We left the place and headed to other place. It took another 1 hour plus. We reached there quite early while the show has not started yet. So we went for our lunch first. We passed through the morning market to reach the place to eat, which was also located along the river. There were lots of big fishes surrounded the place we ate. We ordered some food. The fish was fresh. And the asam prawn soup was very nice as well. It's cheap too. It costs less than Thb 1,000 for 7 of us. We then looked around the market. I bought some local snacks for gift back home. It's rather fresh, special, and affordable. The weather was quite hot. Once everything was done, we left the market and headed to a very popular tourist place, called Rose Garden, which has a Thai Village Culture Show. The entry fee was quite expensive. It costs Thb 450 per person since most of the guests were foreigner. They have elephant show and the main one was the culture show, showing many different things, such as: Thai Boxing, Fingernail dance, traditional musical instruments, ordination into the monkhood, etc. The place was air-conditioned and I was almost falling aslept while watching it (perhaps I was too tired, not enough sleep, etc.). Once it finished, we headed back to Lebua hotel and reached there at about 6pm. We took a rest in Ching's hotel for a while and we had dinner at food court in one of shopping centre. I bought some food from the street pedlers, such as: a pack of mango, a pack of mango salad, and a box of gyoza. It's all very cheap, only Thb 20 - Thb 25 each. We also went up to see the famous Sky Bar at 64th floor of the building, but we weren't allowed to go out since they have the dress code to go out. We just looked around from inside and we went back to our hotel soonafter, taking a bath and having a good rest inside the bath tub, having our snacks, packing little bit, before we went to bed to sleep...

Day 3

Finally we had our breakfast buffet at the hotel. We missed it in our first day. The food was nice and fresh. After having breakfast, my hubby and I browsed around the hotel area. We went to see the swimming pool, the pub near the pool, forest area, tenis court, spa, etc. Then we decided to go to Royal Palace to see how beautiful it is.. 'cos we feel like it's not complete to go Bangkok without seeing this place ^^ There is a dress code to enter in the place so my hubby and I changed our clothes then went there by taxi. The weather was really damn hot!!! But the place was very beautiful. It's designed in a very special way. It's very beautiful inside the temple of Emerald Buddha but we weren't allowed to take a picture inside. We went around the area that were opened for public.

And when we went out, there was someone who offered us to take tuk tuk and see few places for only Thb 20 per person. It was sound impossible and we were afraid of getting cheated, so we went away and decided to go to other places. But again, another tuk tuk offered us to Wat Pho (one of the place that we want to go) and he offered even a cheaper price, only Thb 10 per person. And since we haven't taken tuk tuk before since the first day we were there, my hubby agreed to take the service and for the first place, the tuk tuk driver brought us to see the 40m long of Buddha. We just entered in for a while to take pics then went off. This time, the driver brought us to 4 different stores before reaching the next temple. Wow.. we went round and round and all shops sell things that we didn't have any interest in, such as: gems shop, antics, textile, carpets, expensive hand made crafts, etc. We just went in to take a look then went out w/in 5 minutes. Then we knew that by doing so, the tuk tuk driver earned free gasoline from the shop. Haiyah.. wasting our time lehhh... we went for 2 hours and ended up only to see 2 places. The other place was Golden Mount. While the Wat Pho that I really wanted go.. we didn't even find it. He showed us the other place instead of that one =((

Well, since both of us were very tired and hungry while the time had shown 3pm, we faster took taxi to Siam Paragon and headed in to their food court to have our lunch there. I had Pad Thai, while my hubby ordered Thai style kway chap. My Pad Thai was very delicious. It costs Thb 40 (less than SGD$2). If sold here, it can cost triple time or more. The portion was quite a lot as well. Then my hubby was still hungry, then we ordered kway teow soup w/ pork ball. So so lah... and he ordered a glass of Thai Iced Tea, which costs even more expensive than my Pad Thai (it costs Thb 45), funny rite??? But we were very full and satisfied w/ the food.

Then we browsed around the Siam Centre, Siam Paragon, and the other building as well. I tried to find the shop selling cute2 things, like Doraemon and stuffs, but only managed to find a shop that sell imported things and costs very expensive. We went to the opposite side and had a walk there and managed to find Hard Rock Cafe. I bought a t-shirt for myself and another t-shirt for my sister in law. After that, we planned to go to Center World on foot, but unfortunately, we walked to the wrong direction. We got much further down from the place that we wanted to go so we took a TAXI there.. kekeke.. jam.. jam.. and jam.. but managed to reach there.

We went to Big C first (opposite of Isetan) to browse around their local shop and supermarket before went to Isetan to buy toys for my son. My hubby was looking for snacks/food but couldn't find the one that he likes. So we just walked around and went back to hotel by TAXI. We took a bath and rest.

We're supposed to go to Sky Bar and meet Ching there. But she was still busy w/ her friends and she asked us to go there ourselves, afraid that she'd be back too late. But I was quite tired after going around the whole day so I decided to just go to the hotel's bar downstairs, called Syn Bar. Only 4 couples including us there. But at least they have live singer. 2 women and 1 man. The woman didn't sing very well but it was enough to entertain us.

I tried their specialty drink, called Thailander. It was written mixed of tom yam thing and vodka. But after I tasted it, it doesn't taste like tom yam at all, but it does taste spicy. My hubby ordered Pinjata, mixed of Tequila, vodka, dragon fruit and pinneaple. Once my drink finish, I tried another one. Drink mixed w/ vodka, tamarind and passion fruit. So so lah.. hehehe...

We ordered finger food as well, spring roll filled w/ peking duck skin. I thought the skin was soft, but they actually deep fried it. The oil was not that fresh, got some smell in it. Not so impressive but we still enjoyed it, "have to" ;P I excused myself to the toilet and when I came back, I asked the waitress to inform the singer to sing a "Happy Birthday" song to my hubby who celebrates birthday on 27th.

So when the time turned to 12am, the band started to sing happy birthday song. My hubby who was very tired, singing along and then realised that he was the person that they're singing to. He was very surprised and happy... really didn't expect it at all.. hehehe... We stayed for a while after that then went back to our room for sleep.. zzz... zzz...

Day 4

We woke up at 9am. I called Ching and asked about the place that she went for the massage just the day before 'cos she said the price was cheap and the place was clean enough. She smsed me the name of the spa and the address too. It's at Kao Shan Rd, the street that foreigner likes to stay. We went there after having our breakfast buffet by taxi. Reached there a bit lost, but luckily we found the place very fast. They also have happy hour promotion from 8am to 2pm, where we can have aromatheraphy massage buy one get one free for Thb 700. So both of us were having traditional Thai massage first for 1 hour (for only Thb 200 instead of Thb 230), then the aromatheraphy for another hour.

Finishing the massage, I was having another round of face treatment, which costs only Thb 250 plus mask (u.p. Thb 300-400), and altogether costs Thb 500. I was having it alone while my hubby browsed around the area. Once I finished, time had shown 2.15pm.

We hurriedly had our lunch at road side stall. We ordered 2 bowls of beef kway teow soup, spring roll, and something square looks like Indonesian martabak's egg plus 2 Thai iced tea. Total was only Thb 145 (around SGD$6.60) damn cheap!!!! We finished eating at 2.40pm and faster took taxi back to hotel.

Unfortunately the driver wasn't really familiar w/ the hotel so he brought us round and round plus traffic jam and we only reached the hotel at 3.45pm (we supposed to check out at 3pm). So once we reached, we went separately. I went to front desk to check out, while my hubby went up to our room and took our luggage. And when he went down, he told me that the hotel arranged a birthday cake for him in the room's table. But he knew that he wouldn't have time for it, so he just took pic of the cake.

Then we went to airport by taxi. Lucky the road wasn't jam and we took a highway that was no traffic jam at all. We reached the airport w/in 40 mins. We were still quite early to check-in and still had time to browse around inside the airport. Too bad the prices were very expensive inside there.. so we only saw and walked around without buying anything. The flight was at 6.15pm and everything was fine.

We reached Singapore at 9.15pm. I managed to buy a new taste of Absolut Vodka, which is Pears, and another one doesn't have any taste except vodka (50% Alc.) - Absolut 100. We reached home, unpacked things, etc. and I only managed to take rest at about 1am.

Overall I'm very grateful that we were fine and everything went well during the whole journey, most importantly of being safe and healthy. We also looked a bit here, tasted a bit there. Although the places we've been to were limited, we still satisfied w/ it.


I don't know if it's a sign that time is over soon... I feel very demoralised recently. I can feel the change.. the difference.. Some more, I'm the type of person that.. if I can't get along.. I'd rather get away from him/her, put some distance, etc. I can feel the pressure now. Just b'cos one person. And I guess there are many opportunities out there that I can take. And it's not just me. I know some other who would like to go as well. There were many signs given to me but I just thought.. maybe it's just me.. but I guess.. it wasn't me. I've been monitoring it for at least 2 months and the situation may just get worse. I just hope he could get a job soon so that I can feel at ease if I leave my current place even w/ no job ahead. Please show me the way, SB. I can feel the pain in it. Everything was fine except her.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Medicine reaction???

I drank the Chinese medicine 2 days ago, which is said to circulate the blood properly in the body. I got the funny reaction after that. The night I drank it, I easily felt sleepy at about 9 plus at night. So, I went to sleep. Then I'd the funny dreams for a consecutive 2 nights after that. It's really funny and felt so real. Wow.. I was just kept thinking was it the reaction from the medicine that I had??? Or was it just me of being funny? hahahaha...
Not so bad.. but weird ^^

I had dinner last night w/ my sis @Out of the pan. She wasn't feel very well so we only ate a 'normal' portion. Hahahaha.... If she is in a good health, I can be sure that she'd eat more than that =P Then we went back home. Counting down now. Only left few more days before she went for good. We talked in MRT about how we spent our days when we were young. We used to stay in the same room and she used to wake me up w/ her funny ways, such as: hold my nose 'til I couldn't breath/ felt annoyed... or she would sing 'unchained melody' w/ her unbalanced voice.. really made me annoyed 'til I'd to wake myself up. We used to play 'gulat' or something like the WWE show in her bed. She would be the one who try to make me fall down from the bed while I tried to occupy her bed. It was so fun. And like what I said in previous blog when I was talking about my old friend, we used to imagine ourselves of being at a stage singing or catwalking using 'sarong' or blanket to our body. So many memories we had.
Tomorrow she will fly back to Jakarta to meet our parents and be back next Wed. Another week here.. then fly for good.. =(( Now she is quite stress w/ things that she has to do. Lots of things on her mind. Just hope that she can pass through the time well and everything is fine all along the way. Wish you all the best, Sis!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


This afternoon I went out buying phone card. I can't even remember when was the last time I bought the phone card hihihihi... and first, I called my friend, Ching, who is in Bangkok already. We talked for a while about our plan there then suddenly my phone call was cut out.. dunno, maybe something wrong from the card's provider. Then I called another ex-schoolmate. Her name is Audrey, but I called her Ambon 'cos she was originally coming from a city call Ambon in Indonesia. She was my senior when I studied in Swiss and we often chatted online. She is a very nice gal. Cheerful, friendly.. and good at cooking =) She is now staying in Baltimore, US and still working in kitchen. I woke her up at 1.15am but she was still very happy to hear me calling.. hahaha... It's been years since we last met (in year 2000) and years since we talked together. Wow.. 7 years... but she is still the same person I knew.. crazy and funny.. hahaha.. She said she planned to go home next year.. well.. hopefully you will Bon!!! Already ask her to stop by in Singapore... hehehe.... Miss you Bon!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June B'day Celebration

Just finished celebrating b'day for my 2 colleagues... see their happy faces above??? =))) Susan & Mani. Today is Susan's bday and 3 days later is Mani's b'day. Mani is our new colleagues. So it is her first time to celebrate b'day w/ us.

See the food we prepared???

On left side above is tuna sandwich mixed w/ onion and added w/ lettuce and on the right side is ham and cheese sandwich. Well.. I had always wanted to make my own sandwich and this time.. I really made it.. hehehe... No lah.. it's not exactly I made it.. I was just helping in the process of making it.
We celebrate birthday once a month whenever there is colleague who has b'day falls on that month. And since I came working here, I was appointed to organise the party with the help of my colleagues of course ^^ Last two years I was helped mostly by PY and starting this year *since PY has left the company, Nikki has volunteered to help me. And thanks to her too to make the things work =)
This time, we prepared sandwiches ourselves. My hubby helped me buying the ingredients yesterday and this morning I brought it to office. And during lunch time, Nikki, Ellen and I prepared it together. It was fun. We laughed while making it hehehe... and we also bought frozen spring roll and Nikki asked chef to help us fried it. Thanks to the chef who has fried it!! And everyone loves it ^^
Not bad hor? Everyone was enjoying the food. KS also supplied us with drinks. Thanks KS!!!
This won't work without everyone's help. Also thanks to ET who prepared the boxes and plastic bag for us. Ciao!!!


Hiks... it's only Wednesday but I already feel very tired. I've been scanning lots of things the past 2 days and hopefully it's finished. Changed the new scanner in the office yesterday 'cos my previous scanner couldn't work properly until I'd to borrow from other department temporarily until the new one came. Hope it works well too cos yesterday the IT staff spent quite some time to find the right setting and to get the good result.

I watched 'Nancy Drew' last nite after work. Managed to eat chicken noodle @Es teler before the show. Well.. the show is more suitable for teenager, I guess.. A young detective woman who interested to solve problem and to put others first. In real life? Won't be that easy huh?

And today there will my department staff b'day celebration. My colleague and I planned to make some food and fry some snack. I forgot to buy ingredients 'til I have to ask my hubby to help me buying. Thanks laogong! So I just did some little things yesterday preparing the ingredients before went to sleep.. zzz... zzz... but I guess I never get enough sleep from last nite.. I'm tired. This morning I have to carry a big and heavy bag to office, lucky it's over =P hehehe..

Well.. gotta start working. Jia you!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ju Shin Jung

Hehehe.. this afternoon finally I ate the BBQ buffet lunch @Ju Shin Jung, Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant, located at West Coast Highway, opposite of Haw Par Villa. My colleague introduced me to this place. The restaurant serves BBQ buffet for lunch (pork & chicken) incl. set lunch for $29.90+++ My sister and I met @Harbour Front then we took taxi there. It costs us about $5.40 per trip. It is not hard to find. The restaurant is quite big. They have normal table and chair, and also the short table (sit on the wood floor). We chose to sit on the wood floor. We ordered the BBQ buffet. As for lunch set, my sis ordered mixed vegetable rice (bibimbap), while I ordered Cold spicy noodle.

First of all they served us w/ different kinds of vegetable salad (to wrap the BBQ meat) in a long tray plus raw chili and garlic. Then they took out 8 different kinds of side dishes (kimchi, tauge, green veggies, toufu w/ chilli, romaine lettuce w/ chilli, seaweed soaked in vinegar, cube radish, and small pancake). Oops.. forget to mention.. they gave us 2 white round thing in a small plate and they told us it was a towel. My sis and I looked blurred.. until my sis asked them on how to use. The server told us to put some water into the small plate. Amazingly.. the small round tablet we saw slowly turned longer and softer. It grew into about 6 cm height of wet towel. Wow!!! We were so suaku.. hahaha... but good experience though.. They even sell it and put it near the cashier. 1 packet of 12 pcs costs $12. I bought one. Hehehe... cute mah...

We ordered Raspberry Wine ^^ *see pic...
It tastes sweet and nice. I drank it before in LA. My friend introduced me to this wine, which we bought it at Korean supermarket there. It costs about US$8 per bottle but they sell it at SGD$30 per bottle in the restaurant (expensive oh???).
I also saw it sold in Korean supermarket behind Kwan Im temple at Bugis for $18.50 per bottle, in case you want to buy and try it urself. The volume is 375ml per bottle and contains 15% of alcohol.
Very recommended and suitable for woman =)
My sis and I finished the whole bottle in the afternoon and after that we started to laugh a lot.. hahahaha....

Next... the waitress cooked the bbq pork in front of us. The lunch set were also served soon after. The dried nang mian (cold spicy noodle) is nice. It's smooth and very thin. It's chewy - typical Korean noodle served with little bit of hard boiled egg, sliced cucumber, radish, and beef. They also gave me a cup of cold soup, which can be poured into the bowl. They gave us mustard and vinegar, in case if we want it. But I didn't take it 'cos I was afraid that I won't like the taste if I mixed it.

Hmmm.... we enjoyed the food very much. Once the pork has finished, the waitress changed the hot plate and cooked the chicken. Both of us prefer the pork rather than the chicken. So after the chicken has finished, we ordered another portion of pork.. ooopss... two portion actually.. hahahhaa...... We ate a lot mannn!!!! It's very nice to eat the BBQ meat w/ the wine.

The buffet was served from 12 to 2pm from Tuesday to Sunday (they close on Monday). Total bill for both of us was $104. Every $50 purchase before tax and service charge, we are entitled w/ $5 off for next purchase. Not much offer, but better than nothing =)

Overall I like the place, the food, and the service. The staffs really gave us good service too. They are friendly and helpful *We were asking them lots of things since we didn't really know on how to eat or how to mix thing with. Next time I will go there again!!! But.. I have to prepare to gain weight of at least 2 kg after makan.. hahahaha.....


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ocean Thirteen

I watched it last night w/ my hubby. Wow... nice movie! Well.. normally this type of movie will have a happy ending and everything would normally go smoothly. But good leh.. It shows the hotel cum casino in Las Vegas. It reminds me of my visit last year.. hehehe.. miss it very much... ^^ Always thought... "I was there..", "I was watching that water show before.." etc.. while watching it. hehehe...

The place is damn big!!! I couldn't even finish the whole place in 4 days.. But it was really a good experience though.. and I feel very lucky of ever being there.. :)

Oh ya.. the movie also shows us that it's really not easy to establish the big hotel/casino at the same time. The security system, no matter how good it is, still have its weakness.

Anyway.. I enjoyed the show...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's been some times since I updated my last blog. Well.. nothing much to say. Last week it's been an awful week for me. Lucky it's over. I mean.. I tried to accept it as bad as it was. I still owe something to someone. Still look for the item and not found yet. Hopefully I can get it soon as it may help the owner to ward off the bad luck.

She is quite stressful now and exhausted from her responsibilities. I can understand her feeling. Either to face it or to give up. I'm sure she will be able to face it bravely as her personality is as strong as an ox =)

I got sore eyes last Thursday night. Roughly I knew what was the cause. It's getting better now. But I need to buy a contact lens and maybe make another new glasses. My friend mentioned about lasik surgery this morning and I was quite attracted to it but dunno how it goes.. I mean.. will there be a chance for me not to wear contact lens and glasses in the future??? Hm... It costs $2.5k for a pair of eyes, which is quite cheap compare to many years ago where that price would only be enough for one eye only. See how lor..

My primary school friend, who is now working in Japan, is inviting me to his place there. He would have a week holiday in August and asked me to go over there. He is willingly offering his place for me to stay and would bring me around the city for a week. I've asked my hubby for his permission and he has given me his approval. Hehehe.. thanks laogong... I've checked also the ticket price. It's all very expensive.. hiks hiks.. the Northwest may cost about $1,088, while SQ and JAL will about $1,310-$1,368. And I found the cheapest I could find.. Thai Airways, which is $847 incl tax. It's the best solution, but the journey would be slightly longer since I have to fly to Bangkok first before reaching Tokyo (it takes 3-4 hrs longer I think). See how lor... If I managed to go Japan, I will visit Disneyland again.. hehehe... My first time to Disneyland was in Japan in year 1989. So far, I've been to Disneyland in Japan, Paris, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.. If I can manage to go to Florida one day.. I will visit the Disneyland there as well and complete the whole Disney around the world.. hahahahahahaha... *crazy liao... ;P

Still not planning over my Bangkok trip yet.. But I'm sure Ching will have some ideas as well.. so we can combine our ideas together later.

Haiyah.. will spend lots of money this year.. Holiday trips.. then plan to buy a new phone.. hiks.. or other electronic devices. Money oh money.. why you're never be enough???? *short liao.. hahaha.. ok ok.. stop here... have a great day!!!

*I just called my friend who is working w/ travel agent. And she quotes me a cheaper air ticket using the same flight. It costs $747 incl tax & service charge by Thai Airways. I booked the ticket already.. hehehehe... Just hope everything would go smoothly... ;P

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hang on...

At the time when I thought I lost nowhere.. someone commented this on my fs:

Dear Rima,
What a happy family you have,
They are indeed a treasure.
Hang on to it and we'll never get lost.
Cheers from Canada!

I was touched. I thought nowadays there were less people valuing on how important the family is to their lives. And this friend of mine, who also treasures her families, really opened up my eyes just now.

I will hang on, Dang!!! Thanks a lot! :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Memorable dinner @Cafe Swiss

Yesterday I was thinking of having our 5th Anniversary Dinner @Marche in Vivocity. But there would be nothing special lor.. just a normal dinner.. somemore from our previous dinner, my hubby didn't really enjoy it 'cos the prices had gone up. Then.. my mind was thinking of other places, such as Tavern and Paulaner Brauhaus 'cos I was looking for a place where I can dine Swiss/German food, and drink wine at the same time - more relaxing way. Both places' food is quite expensive too. We can easily spend $100-150 per dine. Didn't know why suddenly this place appeared on my mind - Cafe Swiss. It's a Swiss specialty restaurant located @Swissotel the Stamford. Actually I really wanted to try it long time ago.. but only now I've got the right moment to go. My ex-school mate is working there as Asst. Manager. Then I called him lor.. to book a reservation for two, but I didn't say much 'cos he was going for meeting soon.

Then I smsed my hubby and asked him to wear long pant, and not jeans.. hehehe.. He kept wondering on which place would I bring him. I didn't say it as leave it for a surprise.. I only asked him to meet me @my working place after I finished working. Then... there were we...

We took a shuttle bus to City Hall. There were no other passengers other than us and the driver.. hihihi.. feel like personalised limo fetching us.. haiehiaheihae.... ;P We browsed around for a while. My hubby thought that I would bring him to Out of the Pan, but when we went up, he was wondering where would we go...

We went inside Cafe Swiss. My hubby was so mesmerized w/ the restaurant and its ambiance. We were sitted facing the Suntec next to the glass window. We could listen the live piano music. My hubby kept smiling and said "Zhi gi lao po..." many times 'til the end of our meal.. hihihi.. Surprise for him.. 'cos he didn't expect us to eat in such a nice place and had a very nice meal. My friend came and we talked for a while. I mentioned to him that we're celebrating our 5th Anniversary there. Then I asked him to recommend us any food and wine for dinner.

For the opening, a glass of Ferngrove white wine for my hubby and Ferngrove red wine for myself. Very nice wine. Fruity, sweet and so fragrance white wine... Mature, sweet and fruity red wine... It's been quite some time since I really enjoy the wine.. At first, I thought of ordering a bottle but luckily I didn't 'cos one glass has more than enough for me for the whole meal.. as I can't drink much lately... hehehe...

We ordered a plate of 'escargot' or snail w/ garlic butter and mushroom soup as the appetizers. If u eat at Swiss restaurant, 'escargot' is a must order menu. We ate w/ the bread supplied by them.

As main course, I ordered pan fried beef tenderloin (medium) w/ mushroom sauce, mash potato, and steamed vegetable (asparagus & carrot). Very nice!! The meat was so tender and chewy. The sauce was so delicious. I never regret ordering it. My hubby ordered veal emince cooked in mushroom cream sauce - Swiss specialty and served w/ rosti. The veal was amazing!!! It was soft, but crunchy! I don't know how they cooked it to get such texture! Must try! They also put some raisins inside the sauce, made it sweet when u bit on it. My hubby also enjoyed his food very much. We ate slowly while sipping on our wine.

My friend told me that they're going to put in new menu, which is Cheese Fondue, on 1st July. Wah... next time I must try le.... Maybe hold reunion there?? Good idea rite??? ;P
They offered tea/coffee.. but we were so full already.. so we just sat there finishing our wine slowly.. Suddenly Edwin came w/ small cake (mousse au chocolate) and candle lit on. My hubby and I were so surprised!!! And of course, very happy ^^ see the pic below:

We had a small bite on it and the rest, he asked us to pack it and brought it home. Wahh.. what a nice and memorable dinner... :)

Recommended place for you. The food quality is very good, service is excellent and the ambiance is very nice too. Some more, I could get staff discount.. hihihihi.. and overall, we only paid less than $70 ^^

Thanks Edwin for making our dinner memorable.. I definitely will go back there again. Ciao!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

5th Anniversary

Today is our 5th Anniversary Day!!! Hm.. dun feel extraordinary.. just so so.. Perhaps, used to it. Still haven't decided on what and where to eat.. just now I was interrupted by the phone call.. my hubby reminded me again on what to eat later... kekekeke.... :P
Hmmppphhhhh...... I got something in mind just now.. Will let him know later :)
My bro is coming soon mid July. I asked him to buy me some books online - 'cos it's only sold there in US.. so happy.. 'cos I've been wanting it since long time ago.. ^^ Won't let you know the titles.. hahahahaha... I was thinking of buying some products from VS too.. but didn't have something amazing there yet... they still have lots of old products inside.. so.. not yet lah..
I was thinking recently as well of buying mp3, camera, and mobile.. but still not decided yet on what to buy... maybe I still need to wait for few months while waiting the price to go down..
Well.. gotta work again now.. Ciao!!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Another separation coming soon.. ="(

I received news when I was chatting last nite. My 3rd sis told me that her hubby has got a new job at Melbourne and will start on 9th July. She was thinking whether she'll go there together w/ her hubby at the same time, or go there later 'cos my bro & families will come back to Singapore and Indonesia mid July. My 2nd sis will go back Jakarta too in July w/ her children. She doesn't want to lose chance to meet them and to meet my parents before she is going there.
I couldn't sleep last night. No matter what, she will leave Singapore soon - in July. And there will be only me left here.. hiksss.. hikss.... ="(
First, my bro & his families, then my 3rd sis's hubby, and later.. both of them. There will be no more Korean food's khaki.. no more call asking me out or what will I do in the day.. no more Ayam Penyet's khaki too... hiks... and she will stay there for good, if they found the place is suitable for them... *sigh...
Why ya.. I have to separate w/ my bro & sis since I was young.. And now.. it'd be for good.. My eldest sis is Jakarta. 2nd sis in HK. 3rd sis will go to Melbourne, and my bro in US. I'm in Singapore still.. Quite funny though.. don't u think so?? Maybe I supposed to stay in Europe oh that time after graduate.. married ang moh there.. and stay there permanently.. kekekekekeke.... not my fate..
But hey, that's not too bad!!! I've got a chance, or excuse maybe, to fly to Melbourne again one day... hahahahaha.... hiks... Still wanna fly to US, but not enough fund yet..
I'm scared of getting lonely. I guess, everyone does. Sometimes, we take things for granted.. not treasure it well.. and only feel miserable when things have gone. I just remember.. that I should arrange steamboat when my bro & families coming. Hopefully my 3rd sis 'd still be in Singapore too..

D'crepes reunion

Left to right: Farhan, Maizah's son, Teng2, Elsie, (top) Linda, (below) me, Maizah, and Tante.
Above picture was taken on 29th May 2007. Like what I said in previous blog, we had lunch @Delifrance, Bugis. There were 7 of us in the pic. Supposed to 8, but one of them was working busily there - at Delifrance itself so she has got no time to chat and take pic w/ us. I was away there during my lunch time. It was fun although we met only for a while.
Well, hope to have this reunion again in the future... see you again...
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