Monday, June 04, 2007

5th Anniversary

Today is our 5th Anniversary Day!!! Hm.. dun feel extraordinary.. just so so.. Perhaps, used to it. Still haven't decided on what and where to eat.. just now I was interrupted by the phone call.. my hubby reminded me again on what to eat later... kekekeke.... :P
Hmmppphhhhh...... I got something in mind just now.. Will let him know later :)
My bro is coming soon mid July. I asked him to buy me some books online - 'cos it's only sold there in US.. so happy.. 'cos I've been wanting it since long time ago.. ^^ Won't let you know the titles.. hahahahaha... I was thinking of buying some products from VS too.. but didn't have something amazing there yet... they still have lots of old products inside.. so.. not yet lah..
I was thinking recently as well of buying mp3, camera, and mobile.. but still not decided yet on what to buy... maybe I still need to wait for few months while waiting the price to go down..
Well.. gotta work again now.. Ciao!!!

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