Friday, June 01, 2007

Another separation coming soon.. ="(

I received news when I was chatting last nite. My 3rd sis told me that her hubby has got a new job at Melbourne and will start on 9th July. She was thinking whether she'll go there together w/ her hubby at the same time, or go there later 'cos my bro & families will come back to Singapore and Indonesia mid July. My 2nd sis will go back Jakarta too in July w/ her children. She doesn't want to lose chance to meet them and to meet my parents before she is going there.
I couldn't sleep last night. No matter what, she will leave Singapore soon - in July. And there will be only me left here.. hiksss.. hikss.... ="(
First, my bro & his families, then my 3rd sis's hubby, and later.. both of them. There will be no more Korean food's khaki.. no more call asking me out or what will I do in the day.. no more Ayam Penyet's khaki too... hiks... and she will stay there for good, if they found the place is suitable for them... *sigh...
Why ya.. I have to separate w/ my bro & sis since I was young.. And now.. it'd be for good.. My eldest sis is Jakarta. 2nd sis in HK. 3rd sis will go to Melbourne, and my bro in US. I'm in Singapore still.. Quite funny though.. don't u think so?? Maybe I supposed to stay in Europe oh that time after graduate.. married ang moh there.. and stay there permanently.. kekekekekeke.... not my fate..
But hey, that's not too bad!!! I've got a chance, or excuse maybe, to fly to Melbourne again one day... hahahahaha.... hiks... Still wanna fly to US, but not enough fund yet..
I'm scared of getting lonely. I guess, everyone does. Sometimes, we take things for granted.. not treasure it well.. and only feel miserable when things have gone. I just remember.. that I should arrange steamboat when my bro & families coming. Hopefully my 3rd sis 'd still be in Singapore too..

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