Thursday, June 28, 2007


I don't know if it's a sign that time is over soon... I feel very demoralised recently. I can feel the change.. the difference.. Some more, I'm the type of person that.. if I can't get along.. I'd rather get away from him/her, put some distance, etc. I can feel the pressure now. Just b'cos one person. And I guess there are many opportunities out there that I can take. And it's not just me. I know some other who would like to go as well. There were many signs given to me but I just thought.. maybe it's just me.. but I guess.. it wasn't me. I've been monitoring it for at least 2 months and the situation may just get worse. I just hope he could get a job soon so that I can feel at ease if I leave my current place even w/ no job ahead. Please show me the way, SB. I can feel the pain in it. Everything was fine except her.

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