Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's been some times since I updated my last blog. Well.. nothing much to say. Last week it's been an awful week for me. Lucky it's over. I mean.. I tried to accept it as bad as it was. I still owe something to someone. Still look for the item and not found yet. Hopefully I can get it soon as it may help the owner to ward off the bad luck.

She is quite stressful now and exhausted from her responsibilities. I can understand her feeling. Either to face it or to give up. I'm sure she will be able to face it bravely as her personality is as strong as an ox =)

I got sore eyes last Thursday night. Roughly I knew what was the cause. It's getting better now. But I need to buy a contact lens and maybe make another new glasses. My friend mentioned about lasik surgery this morning and I was quite attracted to it but dunno how it goes.. I mean.. will there be a chance for me not to wear contact lens and glasses in the future??? Hm... It costs $2.5k for a pair of eyes, which is quite cheap compare to many years ago where that price would only be enough for one eye only. See how lor..

My primary school friend, who is now working in Japan, is inviting me to his place there. He would have a week holiday in August and asked me to go over there. He is willingly offering his place for me to stay and would bring me around the city for a week. I've asked my hubby for his permission and he has given me his approval. Hehehe.. thanks laogong... I've checked also the ticket price. It's all very expensive.. hiks hiks.. the Northwest may cost about $1,088, while SQ and JAL will about $1,310-$1,368. And I found the cheapest I could find.. Thai Airways, which is $847 incl tax. It's the best solution, but the journey would be slightly longer since I have to fly to Bangkok first before reaching Tokyo (it takes 3-4 hrs longer I think). See how lor... If I managed to go Japan, I will visit Disneyland again.. hehehe... My first time to Disneyland was in Japan in year 1989. So far, I've been to Disneyland in Japan, Paris, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.. If I can manage to go to Florida one day.. I will visit the Disneyland there as well and complete the whole Disney around the world.. hahahahahahaha... *crazy liao... ;P

Still not planning over my Bangkok trip yet.. But I'm sure Ching will have some ideas as well.. so we can combine our ideas together later.

Haiyah.. will spend lots of money this year.. Holiday trips.. then plan to buy a new phone.. hiks.. or other electronic devices. Money oh money.. why you're never be enough???? *short liao.. hahaha.. ok ok.. stop here... have a great day!!!

*I just called my friend who is working w/ travel agent. And she quotes me a cheaper air ticket using the same flight. It costs $747 incl tax & service charge by Thai Airways. I booked the ticket already.. hehehehe... Just hope everything would go smoothly... ;P

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