Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June B'day Celebration

Just finished celebrating b'day for my 2 colleagues... see their happy faces above??? =))) Susan & Mani. Today is Susan's bday and 3 days later is Mani's b'day. Mani is our new colleagues. So it is her first time to celebrate b'day w/ us.

See the food we prepared???

On left side above is tuna sandwich mixed w/ onion and added w/ lettuce and on the right side is ham and cheese sandwich. Well.. I had always wanted to make my own sandwich and this time.. I really made it.. hehehe... No lah.. it's not exactly I made it.. I was just helping in the process of making it.
We celebrate birthday once a month whenever there is colleague who has b'day falls on that month. And since I came working here, I was appointed to organise the party with the help of my colleagues of course ^^ Last two years I was helped mostly by PY and starting this year *since PY has left the company, Nikki has volunteered to help me. And thanks to her too to make the things work =)
This time, we prepared sandwiches ourselves. My hubby helped me buying the ingredients yesterday and this morning I brought it to office. And during lunch time, Nikki, Ellen and I prepared it together. It was fun. We laughed while making it hehehe... and we also bought frozen spring roll and Nikki asked chef to help us fried it. Thanks to the chef who has fried it!! And everyone loves it ^^
Not bad hor? Everyone was enjoying the food. KS also supplied us with drinks. Thanks KS!!!
This won't work without everyone's help. Also thanks to ET who prepared the boxes and plastic bag for us. Ciao!!!

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