Friday, June 22, 2007

Medicine reaction???

I drank the Chinese medicine 2 days ago, which is said to circulate the blood properly in the body. I got the funny reaction after that. The night I drank it, I easily felt sleepy at about 9 plus at night. So, I went to sleep. Then I'd the funny dreams for a consecutive 2 nights after that. It's really funny and felt so real. Wow.. I was just kept thinking was it the reaction from the medicine that I had??? Or was it just me of being funny? hahahaha...
Not so bad.. but weird ^^

I had dinner last night w/ my sis @Out of the pan. She wasn't feel very well so we only ate a 'normal' portion. Hahahaha.... If she is in a good health, I can be sure that she'd eat more than that =P Then we went back home. Counting down now. Only left few more days before she went for good. We talked in MRT about how we spent our days when we were young. We used to stay in the same room and she used to wake me up w/ her funny ways, such as: hold my nose 'til I couldn't breath/ felt annoyed... or she would sing 'unchained melody' w/ her unbalanced voice.. really made me annoyed 'til I'd to wake myself up. We used to play 'gulat' or something like the WWE show in her bed. She would be the one who try to make me fall down from the bed while I tried to occupy her bed. It was so fun. And like what I said in previous blog when I was talking about my old friend, we used to imagine ourselves of being at a stage singing or catwalking using 'sarong' or blanket to our body. So many memories we had.
Tomorrow she will fly back to Jakarta to meet our parents and be back next Wed. Another week here.. then fly for good.. =(( Now she is quite stress w/ things that she has to do. Lots of things on her mind. Just hope that she can pass through the time well and everything is fine all along the way. Wish you all the best, Sis!!!

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