Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Memorable dinner @Cafe Swiss

Yesterday I was thinking of having our 5th Anniversary Dinner @Marche in Vivocity. But there would be nothing special lor.. just a normal dinner.. somemore from our previous dinner, my hubby didn't really enjoy it 'cos the prices had gone up. Then.. my mind was thinking of other places, such as Tavern and Paulaner Brauhaus 'cos I was looking for a place where I can dine Swiss/German food, and drink wine at the same time - more relaxing way. Both places' food is quite expensive too. We can easily spend $100-150 per dine. Didn't know why suddenly this place appeared on my mind - Cafe Swiss. It's a Swiss specialty restaurant located @Swissotel the Stamford. Actually I really wanted to try it long time ago.. but only now I've got the right moment to go. My ex-school mate is working there as Asst. Manager. Then I called him lor.. to book a reservation for two, but I didn't say much 'cos he was going for meeting soon.

Then I smsed my hubby and asked him to wear long pant, and not jeans.. hehehe.. He kept wondering on which place would I bring him. I didn't say it as leave it for a surprise.. I only asked him to meet me @my working place after I finished working. Then... there were we...

We took a shuttle bus to City Hall. There were no other passengers other than us and the driver.. hihihi.. feel like personalised limo fetching us.. haiehiaheihae.... ;P We browsed around for a while. My hubby thought that I would bring him to Out of the Pan, but when we went up, he was wondering where would we go...

We went inside Cafe Swiss. My hubby was so mesmerized w/ the restaurant and its ambiance. We were sitted facing the Suntec next to the glass window. We could listen the live piano music. My hubby kept smiling and said "Zhi gi lao po..." many times 'til the end of our meal.. hihihi.. Surprise for him.. 'cos he didn't expect us to eat in such a nice place and had a very nice meal. My friend came and we talked for a while. I mentioned to him that we're celebrating our 5th Anniversary there. Then I asked him to recommend us any food and wine for dinner.

For the opening, a glass of Ferngrove white wine for my hubby and Ferngrove red wine for myself. Very nice wine. Fruity, sweet and so fragrance white wine... Mature, sweet and fruity red wine... It's been quite some time since I really enjoy the wine.. At first, I thought of ordering a bottle but luckily I didn't 'cos one glass has more than enough for me for the whole meal.. as I can't drink much lately... hehehe...

We ordered a plate of 'escargot' or snail w/ garlic butter and mushroom soup as the appetizers. If u eat at Swiss restaurant, 'escargot' is a must order menu. We ate w/ the bread supplied by them.

As main course, I ordered pan fried beef tenderloin (medium) w/ mushroom sauce, mash potato, and steamed vegetable (asparagus & carrot). Very nice!! The meat was so tender and chewy. The sauce was so delicious. I never regret ordering it. My hubby ordered veal emince cooked in mushroom cream sauce - Swiss specialty and served w/ rosti. The veal was amazing!!! It was soft, but crunchy! I don't know how they cooked it to get such texture! Must try! They also put some raisins inside the sauce, made it sweet when u bit on it. My hubby also enjoyed his food very much. We ate slowly while sipping on our wine.

My friend told me that they're going to put in new menu, which is Cheese Fondue, on 1st July. Wah... next time I must try le.... Maybe hold reunion there?? Good idea rite??? ;P
They offered tea/coffee.. but we were so full already.. so we just sat there finishing our wine slowly.. Suddenly Edwin came w/ small cake (mousse au chocolate) and candle lit on. My hubby and I were so surprised!!! And of course, very happy ^^ see the pic below:

We had a small bite on it and the rest, he asked us to pack it and brought it home. Wahh.. what a nice and memorable dinner... :)

Recommended place for you. The food quality is very good, service is excellent and the ambiance is very nice too. Some more, I could get staff discount.. hihihihi.. and overall, we only paid less than $70 ^^

Thanks Edwin for making our dinner memorable.. I definitely will go back there again. Ciao!!

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