Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Hiks... it's only Wednesday but I already feel very tired. I've been scanning lots of things the past 2 days and hopefully it's finished. Changed the new scanner in the office yesterday 'cos my previous scanner couldn't work properly until I'd to borrow from other department temporarily until the new one came. Hope it works well too cos yesterday the IT staff spent quite some time to find the right setting and to get the good result.

I watched 'Nancy Drew' last nite after work. Managed to eat chicken noodle @Es teler before the show. Well.. the show is more suitable for teenager, I guess.. A young detective woman who interested to solve problem and to put others first. In real life? Won't be that easy huh?

And today there will my department staff b'day celebration. My colleague and I planned to make some food and fry some snack. I forgot to buy ingredients 'til I have to ask my hubby to help me buying. Thanks laogong! So I just did some little things yesterday preparing the ingredients before went to sleep.. zzz... zzz... but I guess I never get enough sleep from last nite.. I'm tired. This morning I have to carry a big and heavy bag to office, lucky it's over =P hehehe..

Well.. gotta start working. Jia you!!!

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