Sunday, July 29, 2007

My laptop's hero ^^

On Thursday afternoon my hubby called me when I was still in the office telling me that my laptop can't work well. At first, there was something wrong w/ internet connection, which I thought it was the fault from the modem. But after trying here and there, my hubby said the connection was on and off and until he couldn't turn the laptop at all. It was hang there in the Windows sign. Haiz... first, my handphone lost and now.. my laptop got a problem. I was quite worked up when I knew about it. My hubby suggested me to bring my laptop to work and asked my IT Manager to help me fixing it up. But my IT Manager was on leave on Friday. Then I remember my friend who is currently in Singapore, David. I smsed him on Friday morning asking about the problem in my laptop. He only replied my sms in the afternoon around 3 pm. I decided to call him and asked the problem directly to him. To my surprise, he offered to repair my laptop. He said he didn't intend to go out on his last night in Singapore - he and his colleagues were going back to Jakarta on Saturday. So I told him that I would ask my hubby to bring the laptop to him in evening.

I called my hubby right after that. But he told me he was just meeting his friend for eating. He just reached the place and ordered his food and didn't think that he can make it unless if it's a bit late at night. Since he said that, I told him not to bother and continued what he was doing, disappointedly. He called me few times assuring me that he would meet David. At first, I asked him not to bother, but since he insisted, then I gave him David's hp no and asked him to contact him directly. So my hubby rushingly went back home to take my laptop and went to meet David at his hotel.

I had farewell dinner that night, that's why I couldn't rushing home myself to bring my laptop to him. I thought it would be pretty late if I'd done so. Anyway, once I finished the dinner, I rushingly went to David's hotel too and met them there. When I reached there, they said they have re-installed my computer and put back my back up file. Everything was fine. The internet can be connected. But after restart the computer twice, the problem came again. It couldn't connect through the internet. They tried and tried.. still couldn't connect until the time shows 11 plus. So David told us to leave our laptop there while he tried to reinstall the laptop again and found where the problem is and asking us to come back there the next morning.

Well.. no choice.. so I left my laptop there. And told them I'd be there the next morning at 11am, and would bring breakfast for both of them. Agreed!!! Then Raymond and I went back home.
We woke up at 9 plus on Saturday and had ourselves prepared. I bought chasao rice w/ shao rou for David while I bought 1 egg prata and 2 kosong for Tedjo. 2R and I went to their hotel. Raymond met them first, while Reever and I went to buy Old chang kee to both of them - for them to eat at the airport. Once done, we went up to their room.

Wah, they really enjoyed the breakfast that I brought hahahaa..... and David told me that he has managed to repair my laptop and the problem lies w/ the antivirus software. Luckily he was around!!! And became my laptop's hero! =) Otherwise, if I have to bring it down to HP centre, probably I had to pay them quite sum of money to repair - while I don't have guarantee in Singapore *it was bought in US last year. Anyway.. my datas were all there too.. thanks to him to back up everything and put my other softwares back into my laptop. He even installed me MOS Office 2007, which I don't know how to use it. Hahahaha...

After finishing their food, they prepared to check out. And before left their room, I managed to take their picture using my handphone *see pic - David & Tedjo.

Thanks for both of you. You have spent ur last night repairing my laptop instead of enjoying ur time somewhere else. Hope to see you again soon!!! Take care!!

Farewell Dinner @EMC

At first, there were more than 10 people who wanted to join to my farewell dinner. But 2 has drawn out 2 days before the event. One of them had made it up by inviting me to have Korean food nearby our working place while another one will make it up next week. And to my disappointment, 3 has drawn out just on the day itself. Well, it's ok for me =) The most important, you must have heart to attend. Not just for the sake of being there. Some more, it was held on Friday night. People must have other interesting things to do for their weekend ^^

So, it left w/ 7 of us. My boss, AFC, and 4 other colleagues. Actually the most avoided place for farewell for me at first was this place. 'Cos I just get bored w/ the food inside. Hehehe... But since they're having Penang promotion, it rather sounds interesting! What comes on ur mind when u heard of Penang food??? Penang laksa? Chao Kway teow w/ ham? Char Moy? Hokkien Mee? Actually I haven't been to Penang before. So, the decision to have my farewell there was right 'cos it opened my mind on what is Penang food tastes or looks like. And they really brought the cooks from Penang to cook all the food. And the taste was very good!!! Beside their promotion, they also serve durian buffet.

That night, I tried almost all the Penang food served. I saw when the char moy was cooked w/ a big flames! It was very interesting. The taste of it was very nice too. My colleague even took two bowls hahahaha....
And I saved some space for durian. I ate about 8 pcs of durian. I ate until I don't want to eat it again this season. Hahahaha.. partly because I've been eating durian for another 3 days this week after work ;P My colleague has managed to take some durian for few of us to enjoy. I ate until my pimples coming up.. hahaha... too heaty... but the durian taste was really nice. He told me, actually the durian grade normally is just a normal one. But since they have been out of stock 'cos the order for the buffet was a lot.. the supplier had to look for the replacement and they supplied us w/ D24 instead. Weee.... ^^ Once he and I opened one durian. There were 5 pieces inside one durian, where 1 side consists of 1 piece. Can u imagine? 1 piece each inside. Big and sweet one.. nyummy.... hmmmmm.... sedap... hehehehe...

Anyway.. overall everything was fine. My boss also ate quite a lot. But she left us early 'cos she kept thinking of her new TV that she had to take from the store before it closed. I also took picture w/ Moses Lim, the spoke person for the Penang food promotion. Thank you everyone for the great farewell for me :)


Haiz... now is 7.05am. I just woke up at 6.50am when I saw slightly bright sky outside my window. I had that strange feeling when I saw it. It didn't look like 4 am or something. And when I looked closely at the time, my guess was right. It was almost 7am. OMG!! Still 10 mins to 7am, so I took my handphone asap and dialed my bro's hp no. and luckily it was still turned on. And right, they're inside the airplane now. So I just wished them travel safely and smoothly, and sorry that we didn't manage to meet them before they left their home.

Wow, how time flies! It's been 2 weeks since they came. Still remember when my hubby rushed down from the concert whereby the clock in my room didn't work properly and I still thought it was too early to go to the airport. I had to carry my sleeping son to the car and we arrived at the airport still quite early before they came out.

We just managed to go to Wild Wild Wet, had steamboat at Bugis, and had almost whole day in the zoo. The rest, we just met each other for some time at their home. Their time was short while they also went back to Jakarta for about 8 days and even in Singapore they have limited time to meet so many people they know and care.

Now it's quiet time for me. My sis, my bro, they all have left Singapore. Leave me alone here. Hiks.. hiks... seriously, I feel lonely. I know, my hubby is beside me and so does my son. My hubby is going to start his job soon and from the words he said, he is kinda excited w/ his new job as a personal driver. He's already had plan in his mind to earn as much money as possible by doing overtime. He will have less time for family and will lose his freedom as well. =(

But I can't be selfish all the time. I must let him fly high.. No matter what, he is the backbone of this family. I will be jobless soon.

These few days I've been training the person who will replace me. Sometimes it reminds me of the time when I first time went for work. How I learn from zero, how I gotta know about things I know now, how I made friends w/ all my colleagues, and so on. I brought Edith, the new girl, to my last Staff Comm. There are lots of great news in future, in which I can't witness and participate. 10th anniversary promotions, renovation work to the hotel rooms, D&D, PD's re-certification, etc. I just know.. it wasn't meant to be mine. If it's mine, it will be mine. And if it isn't, then let it go. Yes, let go.. and don't stick to whatever it is.. then you will feel happier =)

At the mean time, keep hoping for the better.

I'm just scared of feeling alone. I'm scared I will think stupid2 things. Now I know how Yi chen feels now. Being there w/ hubby to a new country w/ little friends and just one relative. Yi chen, jia you!!! You can do it! And me too, Zhong Mei Qi!! Jia you!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Handover soon...

This afternoon my boss told me that the person who will take over my job will start work this Thursday. I feel a bit sad now. I've cleared almost all of my personal staffs from my desk. Not all yet.. but most of it. My days here are left 6 more days. Dunno if I should feel happy or sad. But I feel little bit attached after 2.5 yrs staying here. Still remember how happy I was when I got my job here. Really thanks God for giving me such a fate! And soon I will have to leave... ^^ Well, this is life.. Just hope things would change for the better.. and not for the worse...

I had lunch w/ my lunch partner today @LJS. Just the two of us. We chatted and ate. She has problems w/ people at her working place and really stressed about it. Although she has reported it out to her superior, no action has been taken until she doesn't know how to vent her anger and frustrations. Just few days ago my hubby watched the TV about anger, which is hided inside or vent it outside. Both caused harm to human bodies. So the best thing is to diminish the anger from our lives. Again, the reason people may leave the job.. not because of the job.. but because of human's behaviour and inter-relationship between them, which I found is very 'ke xi' - too bad.. So, I really 'pei fu' or 'katok' those who can stay w/in the company for years. They must have a 'tahan banting' qualities w/in themselves =D Well.. now I'm preparing the handover duties for the new staff. Gotta stop here now. Ciao!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Saturday was really shiok! I went out w/ PY in the evening *after she finally woke up from the long dream she had.. hehehe... We met inside the Hougang MRT and continued our journey to Plaza Singapura. We had our early dinner @Carl's Junior. I know what you're thinking.. the giant burger.. fatty fatty.. hehehehe.... We ate and chatted.
After that we continued our journey to Marina Square. I managed to buy 2 pants, 1 shirt, and lotion, preparing for my Japan trip ;P

Wow, I just glanced through my calendar. My last day of work would be on Swiss national day, 1st August. I still can enjoy Swiss food @Swiss cafe on my last day before departing the company for good hehehe... and it's just in 7 more working days from now!! And another 3 more weeks would be my Japan trip.. weeeee....... I know.. I gotta spend lots of money on it but maybe it would be my last 'expensive' trip for my age now before I work hard to earn my money back again... =)

PY also bought a t-shirt and running pant "Nike" brand.. so expensive.. hehehe.. but she loves it very much. We walked there 'til 10pm before we rushed to Carrefour at Suntec. I went there to buy the bandle package --> 1GB M2 Card & Bluetooth headset DH-970 for only $148 =D And I use it already. Wow.. so convenient using the bluetooth. And I've put it all my songs into the mini memory card. We went back home by bus and I reached home at 11.45pm.

As for yesterday, spending half of my day doing the PD slides and in evening time, my hubby, Reever, and I went to Compass Point at Sengkang to have our dinner at Banquet and walked around to see if there was any good bargain, which apperently, didn't have! But we managed to buy one Doraemon display and he bought the towel & its container, in which the container is for me to put my bluetooth.. hehehehe... Thank you, hubby...

My friend from Jakarta was calling me last night telling me that he is in Singapore right now 'til the end of the week for the training. And tonight we're going to meet for dinner - also w/ his friend. Well.. like usual.. Chinatown would be my meeting place. Hahahaa.. at least for now...

And yesterday I called back home. My aunt received my call saying that my parents and everyone else were going out to Garut via Bandung and would only be back tonight. I will call my mum again tonight!
Ok.. write 'til here first.. Have a nice day!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Finally I finish typing all those contact info into my new mobile. My hand is sooo tired... I finally bought the new handphone replacing the one I lost one a week ago. And I chose to buy SE K810. My sis-in-law is working in handphone shop so I asked her if there is any special price for me and she gave me slightly below the market price for the phone w/ no contract. But still, it's expensive for me and not w/in my budget for this year.. Haiz..

I chose the blue colour instead the gold one although I found that I like the gold one when I saw it at the first time, but there was few material's difference and I chose to buy the blue one. So far I found it alright, except for the battery that is fast to finish.. (I found all 3G phone has the same problem). Very different w/ my previous handphone, where it can last for 3 days and didn't finish that fast.

I still wanna buy the 1GB memory card and I saw at Today yesterday the bundle promotion (1GB memory card w/ Bluetooth DH-790 for only $149). It is only sold in certain shops, so I plan to go and buy it today. But my friend is still sleeping now, still receive no news from her.. and time has already shown 3pm now. Dunno if she still wants to go or not. Not just for buying this, but also to look and see around 'cos today is the last two days of the GSS (Great Singapore Sale) and we seldom go out together now since she changed job to other company.

My hubby has already gone out w/ his buddy. Wah, just heard that his friend won the Audio House promotion. He bought 42 inch plasma tv for $2k plus and he guessed the right 1D number and won half of the price back, which is $1k plus.. what a lucky guy!!! and what a cheap TV it became.. hahahaha... I told my hubby, can I get the PSP from $1k share? haiehaiehiaheia.. *u wish...

Oklah.. still got thing to do now... Have a nice weekend... Byeee

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Family time

Friday 13th July 2007

Is the date reminding you of something scary??? Thought that something bad will happen??? Well.. just because the series always relates to it, doesn't mean that it will surely happen on that particular date. But some people were really believe that something bad will happen on that day so they tried to avoid it by not going to work but instead staying at home to protect themselves ^^

Despite knowing about the date, my eldest sis and her hubby still chose that date to fly and come to Singapore. My hubby, Reever and I fetched them at the airport. They came out quite late *at about 10.20pm, although the plane has landed at 9.30pm. Maybe it was because many planes landed at the same time, that's why so many people were queuing at the immigration.

We didn't straightly go to my bro's home, but we went out for supper at Changi Village. My bro-in-law was quite hungry, so we brought them to eat the famous nasi lemak there. And it took us quite some time to reach Bishan and they arrived at about 12am. Once reached home, I was very tired already and suddenly my sis called me and told me that my bro's room's door was locked and all of us had no clue where the key was. After calling here and there, she found out that the key was w/ the aunty who stays two floor above them and she had to wake her up in the middle of the night to get the key. I slept at about 1.30am

Saturday 14th July 2007

We woke up early and prepared ourselves to meet my sis & her hubby at Chinatown. We were having dim sum for our breakfast. After makan, I brought them walking around the area, such as Fo Ya Temple, Hindu Temple, etc. Then we went to Vivo city to take some pictures and we took the monorail to Sentosa.

We stopped at Imbiah Station and we went up to the Carlsberg Tower to see the view of Singapore (nothing to see actually and kinda waste of money 'cos there were renovations work done everywhere in the area for the incoming Intergrated Resort and it finished very fast - less than 10 mins). We paid $12 for that.. *Don't think I'll take that again next time. Not worthed at all!!! *see pic - Raymond and my bro-in-law inside the Carlsberg Tower

We then played the luge and took the skyride as the second entertainment. It was fun and the luge went quite fast as the road is sliding down. And my hubby was scared to death when taking the skyride. He didn't dare to see below and it was worst when the skyride was stopping for few minutes. My son enjoyed the skyride and didn't scare at all.. hahaha.. *see pic - me & Reever ready for our luge ^^

We took the bus to the beach station and took another tram to stop at Palawan Beach and had our meal in the Koufu food court. Then we went back home while both of them had their time slowly at Vivo City.

2R & I fetched my brother & family at midnight in the airport. The nanny who took care my brother's daughter was fetching them too together w/ her two daughters. Finally they reached Singapore safely and we brought them back to their home sweet home. After 7 months, they're finally home for holiday. We went back home not long after that 'cos we were so tired already. My hubby just finished watching "Jacky Cheung's Concert" before that so he was very tired liao. He watched the concert w/ his buddy and he said it was quite enjoyable 'cos Jacky Cheung is their favourite singer since they were very young.

Sunday 15th July 2007

Woke up quite late in Sunday morning. 2R & I had our brunch nearby our home then we prepared ourselves for our journey to Wild Wild Wet!!! We reached there at 3pm and at 4pm my sis and the others came and we enjoyed our time together 'til the swimming park closed at 7pm. *see pic - WWW =)
We took bus & MRT to Bugis then we walked to eat steamboat at opposite of Shaw Tower. Eventually we went to other shop, which doesn't have a very nice soup and ingredients, but slightly cheaper. I remembered wrongly about the price. We normally eat at other restaurant *next to it, which costs $15/pax incl. drink, while the place we went costs $12.80/pax excl drink. But oklah, we sat at upper floor and they have air-con inside. We ate and chatted until 10 pm plus and went back home. Since we were very tired, my hubby and I decided to take taxi and that's where I lost my mobile.. inside the taxi. It fell off from my pant's pocket and I only realised about my mobile after reaching home and finish taking a bath. By the time I called, it connects, but it was off by the other party. Twice. And third one, bye bye for good. The person turned my phone off and that's it!

I felt lost but I had to tell to myself.. what has gone, has been gone.. Sad over it, also no use.. So what I can do now.. is to collect the new info from my friends. Haiz.. so many info inside my old handphone. Pictures as well, but I had downloaded the pics into my computer, at least not so bad.. But the address etc.. nope..

Monday 16th July 2007

No mood to work, so I took urgent leave. I joined my hubby and the rest to the zoo. We walked a lot and it's very tiring... but children did enjoy it. We went there 'til 5.30pm and we took bus to J8 Bishan and we had our dinner at Sakae Sushi together w/ my bro & sis-in-law who just joined us from their activities. We ate there and sat at their home for a while before going back home. *see pic - Astro (my bro's son), my eldest sis, me, Aryn (my bro's daughter), and Reever

Tuesday 17th July 2007

Went work like usual. Once finished, I met 2R at Taka before we went together to Newton Circus to have our dinner there w/ everyone. Food was so so and expensive. But oklah.. My bro wanted to see how it looks like after being renovated last year. We ate and chatted again before heading home.

On Wed, my eldest sis and her hubby went back to Jakarta while on Thur, my bro n his families went back to Jakarta. And today, 21 July 2007, my 2nd sis went to Jakarta from Hong Kong. They will continue the reunion there. My mum asked me to go back to w/ Reever, but I can't make it now. Maybe after 1st Aug. See first la... =)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Lunch @Jushinjung

This afternoon my colleagues and I had our lunch @Jushinjung. Today our boss wasn't around so we could extend our lunch time slightly longer than usual hehehe.... ;P

It's first time for Alicia and Wendy to eat there, but not for Ellen and Nikki, who have always been regular customers there. When we came in, I thought there wouldn't be much people inside.. but I was wrong!!! All the tables were full except for the one sitting on the floor. And no choice, we had to sit in on the floor instead of the normal chair. But it was fine 'cos everyone was enjoying the food very much. The buffet is $29+++ and after tax, one person paid about $35 each. We didn't order my favourite wine 'cos we're afraid we were caught by HR.. hihihhi... so just Korean tea would do..

I've got a chance to try the grilled fish and tofu soup for lunch menu. Wow, it reminds me of the tofu soup in LA.. hm...... the 24 hour resto in Korean community area.. I missed of being there a lot! And I don't think I would have a chance to eat there anymore in my life... =) Sometimes you can't always get what you want, am I rite?

Then we talked and ate lor... then went back to office. We can smell ourselves the smoked from the barbecued meat.. hehehe...

Just now I met my best friend during my school time in Swiss. We chatted for a while and talked about our times during schooling time. It was so interesting. I confided my personal feeling to him as well. But then he had to go.. but it was fun talking about it.. and gotta know some things that I didn't know before.. hihihihii...

Today is Friday!!! What a good day! ;P Tonite my eldest sis will reach Singapore while my bro is now still awake at 5am after having a game w/ his son and will have to go to the airport at 7am. They will reach here on Saturday midnite. Reunion again.... how time flies.... It seems that they just went there yesterday...

My sis in Melbourne is still feeling cold there (7-11 degree outside). She still hasn't found the place to rent yet and still got lots of time to do her own thing.. which she found boring...

Well.. it's half an hour before going back home.. Hope all of you are having a good weekend too.. Have fun!! Ciao!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wow... Just now I saw that I've posted 398 blogs up to now... Weee.... so this will be the 399th post. Hehehe... Wu liao.. Just now almost kena caught using msn @office kekekeke..... and opened other pages as well... huwaa.. maybe not the time to apply yet.. Still have 2 days where the government is about to avoid the Friday 13th ;P
Haiz.... just now I felt so bored!!! Now I am reading the FAQ PD questions at the same time.. hehehehehhehehehe..... =D
Still thinkin' of going back or not.. Wanna join me??? Go home la... to my hometown. Won't take long. It'll take about a week. Can go facial, massage, creambath, and eating lots of delicious food.. haiehaiheiaheihaiehiaheihaiea.... Can shop2 too at Mangga Dua. Interested??? ;)
Ok ok.. since dun have anything much... I won't write much as well.. hehiehiehe.. Later going back and having dinner at home. My hubby is experimenting the Thai green curry and Indonesian soto ayam for a whole day.. Must appreciate it.. haeihaiehhiae...
Well.. ciao ciao.. oh ya.. just learn new word "Qui ennuie!!!" which means "bloody boring" in UK or "damned boring" in US. Hahahahahhaa.... =D

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Finally got someone who understood what I feel and agreed w/ my thinking.. Finally!!! Hehehe..
Today manage to do some work and try to compile everything latest by tomorrow. Hopefully I can manage to do that 'cos by Friday, the reports must be ready to fly.. hehehe... far far away...
Later I will have dinner w/ my sis, her hubby, my hubby & son, her housemates, and others who can make it ^^
Tomorrow she will fly early in the morning, I guess. Hm.. finally it's time to go. How fast time flies... Remember when we still talked about it.. seemed like still far away.. and now.. it'll happen tomorrow!!! I can only pray for your happiness, Sis! Hope your hubby and you can make it! And hopefully everything goes on smoothly...
Well.. be ready w/ loneliness.. hiks hiks hiks... eh.. not yet.. 'cos lots of people are coming soon! ;P My eldest sis and her hubby will come here from 13-18th, while my bro and families will arrive here on 14th and fly to Jakarta on 19th. *sigh... I'm sure time will fly very fast again.. ;(
Off from work soon.. 25 mins.. not too soon.. hehehe.. I'm tired liao.. but I still have to go for the dinner.. only after that then I'll have chance to take a rest.. Have a great evening!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007



I tendered my resignation yesterday evening before going back home. Actually my plan would be next Monday, but then after I thought about it.. what for??? If people good to me, I will be good to them. If they don't... hehehe... u know la... I won't harm them, curse them or whatsoever.. nothing like that in my mind.. BUT I don't think I will give them so much 'cos at the end, they only take me for granted. I guess everyone will hate to be taken for granted. Do you?

I feel free now. So does she. I can see her smiling again.. imagining that she 'll get someone new that can brighten up her days even more hehehe.. *is that her or my imagination???? ;P


That's me. I always do something in rush. But one thing.. I will never regret no matter if later I found that how wrong my decision was. Once I decided on something.. I believe everything happens for a reason.

Actually lately, maybe in previous 2-3 months, I feel that.. there was many things that urge me to go out from my comfortable nest. I don't deny. This working place, my job, everything is good. But again.. perhaps I need to see more from outer world *if I were given a chance.. and I believe.. I need fate to be here.. and it's because of my fate too that I've to leave this place.

Well.. one month to go!!! At the mean time.. I will look around for a new job. Wish me luck!!!
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