Sunday, July 29, 2007

My laptop's hero ^^

On Thursday afternoon my hubby called me when I was still in the office telling me that my laptop can't work well. At first, there was something wrong w/ internet connection, which I thought it was the fault from the modem. But after trying here and there, my hubby said the connection was on and off and until he couldn't turn the laptop at all. It was hang there in the Windows sign. Haiz... first, my handphone lost and now.. my laptop got a problem. I was quite worked up when I knew about it. My hubby suggested me to bring my laptop to work and asked my IT Manager to help me fixing it up. But my IT Manager was on leave on Friday. Then I remember my friend who is currently in Singapore, David. I smsed him on Friday morning asking about the problem in my laptop. He only replied my sms in the afternoon around 3 pm. I decided to call him and asked the problem directly to him. To my surprise, he offered to repair my laptop. He said he didn't intend to go out on his last night in Singapore - he and his colleagues were going back to Jakarta on Saturday. So I told him that I would ask my hubby to bring the laptop to him in evening.

I called my hubby right after that. But he told me he was just meeting his friend for eating. He just reached the place and ordered his food and didn't think that he can make it unless if it's a bit late at night. Since he said that, I told him not to bother and continued what he was doing, disappointedly. He called me few times assuring me that he would meet David. At first, I asked him not to bother, but since he insisted, then I gave him David's hp no and asked him to contact him directly. So my hubby rushingly went back home to take my laptop and went to meet David at his hotel.

I had farewell dinner that night, that's why I couldn't rushing home myself to bring my laptop to him. I thought it would be pretty late if I'd done so. Anyway, once I finished the dinner, I rushingly went to David's hotel too and met them there. When I reached there, they said they have re-installed my computer and put back my back up file. Everything was fine. The internet can be connected. But after restart the computer twice, the problem came again. It couldn't connect through the internet. They tried and tried.. still couldn't connect until the time shows 11 plus. So David told us to leave our laptop there while he tried to reinstall the laptop again and found where the problem is and asking us to come back there the next morning.

Well.. no choice.. so I left my laptop there. And told them I'd be there the next morning at 11am, and would bring breakfast for both of them. Agreed!!! Then Raymond and I went back home.
We woke up at 9 plus on Saturday and had ourselves prepared. I bought chasao rice w/ shao rou for David while I bought 1 egg prata and 2 kosong for Tedjo. 2R and I went to their hotel. Raymond met them first, while Reever and I went to buy Old chang kee to both of them - for them to eat at the airport. Once done, we went up to their room.

Wah, they really enjoyed the breakfast that I brought hahahaa..... and David told me that he has managed to repair my laptop and the problem lies w/ the antivirus software. Luckily he was around!!! And became my laptop's hero! =) Otherwise, if I have to bring it down to HP centre, probably I had to pay them quite sum of money to repair - while I don't have guarantee in Singapore *it was bought in US last year. Anyway.. my datas were all there too.. thanks to him to back up everything and put my other softwares back into my laptop. He even installed me MOS Office 2007, which I don't know how to use it. Hahahaha...

After finishing their food, they prepared to check out. And before left their room, I managed to take their picture using my handphone *see pic - David & Tedjo.

Thanks for both of you. You have spent ur last night repairing my laptop instead of enjoying ur time somewhere else. Hope to see you again soon!!! Take care!!

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