Tuesday, July 03, 2007



I tendered my resignation yesterday evening before going back home. Actually my plan would be next Monday, but then after I thought about it.. what for??? If people good to me, I will be good to them. If they don't... hehehe... u know la... I won't harm them, curse them or whatsoever.. nothing like that in my mind.. BUT I don't think I will give them so much 'cos at the end, they only take me for granted. I guess everyone will hate to be taken for granted. Do you?

I feel free now. So does she. I can see her smiling again.. imagining that she 'll get someone new that can brighten up her days even more hehehe.. *is that her or my imagination???? ;P


That's me. I always do something in rush. But one thing.. I will never regret no matter if later I found that how wrong my decision was. Once I decided on something.. I believe everything happens for a reason.

Actually lately, maybe in previous 2-3 months, I feel that.. there was many things that urge me to go out from my comfortable nest. I don't deny. This working place, my job, everything is good. But again.. perhaps I need to see more from outer world *if I were given a chance.. and I believe.. I need fate to be here.. and it's because of my fate too that I've to leave this place.

Well.. one month to go!!! At the mean time.. I will look around for a new job. Wish me luck!!!

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