Saturday, July 21, 2007


Finally I finish typing all those contact info into my new mobile. My hand is sooo tired... I finally bought the new handphone replacing the one I lost one a week ago. And I chose to buy SE K810. My sis-in-law is working in handphone shop so I asked her if there is any special price for me and she gave me slightly below the market price for the phone w/ no contract. But still, it's expensive for me and not w/in my budget for this year.. Haiz..

I chose the blue colour instead the gold one although I found that I like the gold one when I saw it at the first time, but there was few material's difference and I chose to buy the blue one. So far I found it alright, except for the battery that is fast to finish.. (I found all 3G phone has the same problem). Very different w/ my previous handphone, where it can last for 3 days and didn't finish that fast.

I still wanna buy the 1GB memory card and I saw at Today yesterday the bundle promotion (1GB memory card w/ Bluetooth DH-790 for only $149). It is only sold in certain shops, so I plan to go and buy it today. But my friend is still sleeping now, still receive no news from her.. and time has already shown 3pm now. Dunno if she still wants to go or not. Not just for buying this, but also to look and see around 'cos today is the last two days of the GSS (Great Singapore Sale) and we seldom go out together now since she changed job to other company.

My hubby has already gone out w/ his buddy. Wah, just heard that his friend won the Audio House promotion. He bought 42 inch plasma tv for $2k plus and he guessed the right 1D number and won half of the price back, which is $1k plus.. what a lucky guy!!! and what a cheap TV it became.. hahahaha... I told my hubby, can I get the PSP from $1k share? haiehaiehiaheia.. *u wish...

Oklah.. still got thing to do now... Have a nice weekend... Byeee

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