Monday, July 23, 2007


Saturday was really shiok! I went out w/ PY in the evening *after she finally woke up from the long dream she had.. hehehe... We met inside the Hougang MRT and continued our journey to Plaza Singapura. We had our early dinner @Carl's Junior. I know what you're thinking.. the giant burger.. fatty fatty.. hehehehe.... We ate and chatted.
After that we continued our journey to Marina Square. I managed to buy 2 pants, 1 shirt, and lotion, preparing for my Japan trip ;P

Wow, I just glanced through my calendar. My last day of work would be on Swiss national day, 1st August. I still can enjoy Swiss food @Swiss cafe on my last day before departing the company for good hehehe... and it's just in 7 more working days from now!! And another 3 more weeks would be my Japan trip.. weeeee....... I know.. I gotta spend lots of money on it but maybe it would be my last 'expensive' trip for my age now before I work hard to earn my money back again... =)

PY also bought a t-shirt and running pant "Nike" brand.. so expensive.. hehehe.. but she loves it very much. We walked there 'til 10pm before we rushed to Carrefour at Suntec. I went there to buy the bandle package --> 1GB M2 Card & Bluetooth headset DH-970 for only $148 =D And I use it already. Wow.. so convenient using the bluetooth. And I've put it all my songs into the mini memory card. We went back home by bus and I reached home at 11.45pm.

As for yesterday, spending half of my day doing the PD slides and in evening time, my hubby, Reever, and I went to Compass Point at Sengkang to have our dinner at Banquet and walked around to see if there was any good bargain, which apperently, didn't have! But we managed to buy one Doraemon display and he bought the towel & its container, in which the container is for me to put my bluetooth.. hehehehe... Thank you, hubby...

My friend from Jakarta was calling me last night telling me that he is in Singapore right now 'til the end of the week for the training. And tonight we're going to meet for dinner - also w/ his friend. Well.. like usual.. Chinatown would be my meeting place. Hahahaa.. at least for now...

And yesterday I called back home. My aunt received my call saying that my parents and everyone else were going out to Garut via Bandung and would only be back tonight. I will call my mum again tonight!
Ok.. write 'til here first.. Have a nice day!!

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