Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wow... Just now I saw that I've posted 398 blogs up to now... Weee.... so this will be the 399th post. Hehehe... Wu liao.. Just now almost kena caught using msn @office kekekeke..... and opened other pages as well... huwaa.. maybe not the time to apply yet.. Still have 2 days where the government is about to avoid the Friday 13th ;P
Haiz.... just now I felt so bored!!! Now I am reading the FAQ PD questions at the same time.. hehehehehhehehehe..... =D
Still thinkin' of going back or not.. Wanna join me??? Go home la... to my hometown. Won't take long. It'll take about a week. Can go facial, massage, creambath, and eating lots of delicious food.. haiehaiheiaheihaiehiaheihaiea.... Can shop2 too at Mangga Dua. Interested??? ;)
Ok ok.. since dun have anything much... I won't write much as well.. hehiehiehe.. Later going back and having dinner at home. My hubby is experimenting the Thai green curry and Indonesian soto ayam for a whole day.. Must appreciate it.. haeihaiehhiae...
Well.. ciao ciao.. oh ya.. just learn new word "Qui ennuie!!!" which means "bloody boring" in UK or "damned boring" in US. Hahahahahhaa.... =D

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