Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back home

Finally I'm back home! The journey was good but it was really tiring. During my last day in Tokyo, we didn't go to Imperial Palace as per planned, but we went to Roponggi Hills again to visit TV Asahi and Doraemon's shop due to the hot weather. Good for me, 'cos I got a chance to look around the shop. But things are very expensive there! So I could only take pictures of the things they sold and only bought few things. Hahaha..

I went to Kawasaki again after that alone. Actually I was looking for gift voucher to my friends, but unfortunately, the shops that I went into didn't sell any gift voucher and I had no idea what to give to them, so I bought them dinner plus beer and dessert lor... We ate at home. I packed my things after that then went to sleep.

I had to wake up at 4.45am. I had myself prepared and went out at 5.20am to Shinagawa Station to take the train to Narita Terminal 1. It took 1.5 hours journey. My train departed at 6.01am and reached Narita at 7.35am. I checked my luggage in then had breakfast at McDonald before going in. I bought few souvenirs inside the airport, which I found cheaper than outside. I had to board into the plan at 9.30am while the plane flew at 10am. Everything went smoothly. I reached Bangkok in the afternoon. I had 1 hour plus in the airport before flying back to Singapore. So I sat in cafe and ordered prawn pad thai and mineral water before boarding in. But the pad thai was too spicy for me and very expensive too. Hahaha... Next time I won't eat there again. Then I reached Singapore at about 7.30pm and reached home about 8.30pm. Sooo tiring!!!

The next day was spent mostly at home.. took a good rest.

On Wednesday I went to SMC to take my medical's claim and to visit my ex-colleagues at the same time. I brought some tidbits from Japan and we chit chat for a while. My boss said she missed me *dunno if it's true or not... ^^ My hubby fetched me w/ his working's vehicle - Audi A8 - and brought me to his working place at UE Square. We had lunch together there and I took bus to Orchard to meet my friends and pass them something. I also went to post office to send things for my friends. Then I went to my bro's house to check into his mails and went back home at 7pm. My son kept calling me to go home. Dunno why after I came back from Japan, he misses me a lot and called me very often. Seems like he feels so lonely staying at home.

So at that night, I brought him to Hougang Mall and bought him Happy Meal at McDonald. My hubby joined us after he finished work. We had dinner at Kopitiam before going back home.
On Thursday I went out in the afternoon to apply job at the new opened hotel. I gotta know about it from my ex-colleague and tried my luck lor.. since I got lots of time.. no harms mah? Wow, I queued 3.5 hours before getting to see the person who interviewed me and I went back w/ regrets actually.. hehehe.. Perhaps I was too tired that's why I couldn't answer some of his questions. Anyway... just try my luck.. and I believe all will depend on the fate. If I have no fate to work there, no matter what, I won't be accepted to work there.

I still try to apply other post in other company as well.. Just see where my fate leads me lor.... =P
I went back home at 4pm plus.. so tired. I fell asleep after that.

On Friday, I fetched my son to school. The teacher brought the children to Giant Supermarket in Tampines. And suddenly one of the child's parent talked about volunteer taking care of children and she couldn't make it since she had to take care her sister's baby and asked me if I can make it. Since I had nothing to do on that day, so I agreed lorrr... It was really my first time to get involve in my son's school. Hehehe... So I went back home first to take a bath and be ready before 8.30am. Me and another parent volunteered to take care our children's classmates (total 17 students from my son's class). At first, I didn't even know where we would go. Hahaha.. I thought they would bring them to Pasir Panjang. But after knowing that they would go to Giant, I felt much better. Hahaha...

Hm.. first, I was a bit blurred 'cos I was not sure on what should I do. After reaching there, it was just natural behaviour to help and lead the students to follow their teacher. Help them draw the vegetables, milk, fruit, etc. Students also started talking and liking me. They called me "Auntie", which I found a bit weird. Seldom people called me "Auntie" mah? Hahahaha.....

Then some kids played with my Doraemon doll that I put on my sling bag. Some kids were asking me if they can start eating their snacks 'cos they were hungry.. Aiyah.. overall I felt a bit useful lor hahahahaha.... and glad that everything went well despite the heavy rain outside.

My hubby fetched us once we reached the school. He brought us umbrella and went back home together. Good experience for me. Hahaha...

And today PY asked me out for movie. We watched Ratatouille (read: ratatuwee) at Cathay, Dobhy Ghout with Irene too. It was a funny movie. The graphic was very good. Worthed to see. PY treated us lor with her tickets. Thanks PY! We had Yakun Kaya before it and KFC for dinner. Hehehe... And we went back home at 10pm. My son kept calling me and asking me to go back home faster. Haiz... dunno I should happy or sad..

Well.. write till here first. I still not sleepy yet. But still no mood to write a lot of thing about what I've seen in Japan. Wait lor.. ok??? Gud nite everyone!

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