Sunday, August 26, 2007

Doraemon shop - Tokyo, Japan

Me and my favorite cartoon!!! :)

Hehehe... Finally I went to visit Doraemon shop in Tokyo. Actually I was looking for a shop like this. Ever searched in internet before but never heard about this one before. My friends brought me here during my second night there but by the time we reached, it has already been closed (shop closed at 9pm there). Too bad...

Doraemon souvenir medallion vending machine - Tokyo, Japan

Doraemon catcher machine - Asahi Building - Tokyo, Japan

Various items sold - Doraemon in Tokyo, Japan

Dorayaki - Tokyo, Japan

Doraemon stuffs - Tokyo, Japan

Doraemon kids corner - Tokyo, Japan

Luckily we had spare time during my stay there so we went there again on my last day. It was located at Roponggi Hills. And I was so glad to have a chance to visit the shop. I know, most items there are very expensive. Since I can't afford to buy all, I just took their pictures as souvenirs. Hahaha.... Enjoy!!! :)

Doraemon snacks poster - Tokyo, Japan

Last but not least - mobile Doraemon snacks shop - Tokyo, Japan :)

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