Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tired... =(

*From left to right: Soh Chiew Guek, Mak Lye Jan, Zainab, Irene Chang, Ellen Tein, Christy, Magdalene, Susan Lim, Vivian Sim, Jenny Kay, Hasni, Rahman, Joyce Eng, Lee Yin (my boss), Edith (who replaces me), and Ning Xi

How time flies... Yesterday was my last day working in SMC. I bought Oreo cheesecake for finance staffs to share and original one for my boss. She seems quite like it. Great to know! Thanks PY for helping me buy using staff rate!
So, I finished clearing, and went around to say goodbye to everyone I met. Then went back home w/ my things. Took some pics w/ colleague and stored it in my mobile so I can take a look at it at anytime.
I stopped by at Hougang Mall looking for the medicines that my mom ordered. Waited quite long until the pharmacist came back from his dinner, but at the end, I couldn't buy it 'cos I didn't have doctor's prescription for that particular medicine.
Went back home tiredly. Took a rest for a while, had my dinner - rice and soup. Took a bath, then started packing my luggage. I prepared both luggage, to Jakarta and Japan 'cos I'll only have 1 day rest before flying again to Japan. Very tireeedd.... Also had to prepare the interview this morning. I managed to sleep at 11pm.
This morning I woke up at 7 plus am and got myself ready for interview. Overall, he said I'm over qualified for the job offered. So, I don't think there will be any chance for them to choose me. Anyway.. after the interview, I went to buy bakua and laobobing for home, also stopped by at Hougang to buy sandal for my father before buying my lunch and headed home.
I just finished the rest of the packing. Now taking rest for a while, before get prepared. I will leave home at 2pm, which is 15 mins from now.. So, I can't talk much now... Hope I can get enough sleep later.. well.. I'll be back in 9th. See you again guys!!! Take care!

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