Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm home again..

After one month, finally I'm home again.. Still feeling tired from the trip. Especially when we had to wake up so early almost everyday... haiz.. and now.. I have to wake up early too 'cos my son wants me to fetch him to school in the morning... But oklah, after that I can go to market to have my breakfast before heading home.
My room is very messy.. I can't stand it myself.. hehehe... So many things cluttered everywhere. This morning I need to spend 5 hours just to clean my dressing table and it has not finished yet.. I feel tired already.. huahahaha... There are still many things I have to clear up.. such as my son's cupboard, my own cupboard, etc.
Gonna meet my friend later.. it's 5pm now.. tired tired.... bye now...

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