Sunday, October 28, 2007


Time flies very fast... Almost a week after my trip! Wow! Day by day.. just made myself busy tidying up my messy room. Yesterday I tidied up my son's cupboard. Ironed his clothes, sorted out the dirty and small clothes, etc. Also cleared up the stuffs inside the top part of the cupboard.
Today my hubby, my son and I went out almost a whole day. Started from having breakfast nearby our house, then meeting his friend in White Sands, Pasir Ris. About 2pm we went to Ikea. We browsed around looking for table and chair for Reever. Before buying, we went out to Courts and Giant to check about other stuffs they have and also bought some other things. We finished shopping at 8pm then we headed home. My hubby just finished dismantling the table and chair. Now I'm sitting on them and put my laptop onto the new table. Hehehe.. not bad oh? Now my son has the right place to use the old laptop and to do his homework. Hope he can get used to it, unlike me... hehehe..
Just joined facebook yesterday. Not bad! I can find lots of ex-school mates down there. And there are some funny things to do as well.. hehehe...
And today my hubby borrowed a PSP game from his friend. Playing the Japanese drum. Not bad la... Quite interesting.. too bad the language used is Japanese.. so there were many things I don't understand.. I mean.. the conversation, the instruction, etc.
What else?? Oklah.. nothing much at the moment... Going to sleep soon as time has shown 11.20pm right now... Good nite everyone.. oh ya.. Happy Birthday to my best friend, PY!!! Hope she enjoyed her special day... and had a very nice weekend at RTP! Wish you happy always and success in everything! I'm sure she can do it!! Jia you!!!

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