Thursday, November 29, 2007

3rd day of work

Hahaha... today is worst.. I really come at the wrong time.. I supposed to start on 1st Dec, oh? 'cos end of the month, is closing time for accounts people... and since I'm in CC dept, I have lots of things to do too.. This morning, I followed my colleague to do stock take - the beverage. We went to 8 places.. Good thing is.. I know the place better... at least I know what are the main locations for those restaurants, kitchen, bar, lounge club, etc. And I got to know more people too.. but too bad, I am bad in memorizing people's names... If only little bit ok la.. but there are over 400 staffs there.. I can't possibly remembering their names one by one.. Well.. time will tell la.. hehehe.. but seems that I don't have any interest to know so many people's name there.. so.. who cares la... ;P

It's my first time to join the Hotel's updates. It is almost the same w/ what my previous hotel does.. But it's a join event for celebrating birthday, award presentation, hotel updates, etc etc... They have also introduced the newcomers. There were total over 30 new staffs for this month.. including me. We were asked to go up on stage to 'show off' to other old staffs.

From here, I got to know the GM and EAMs of the hotel too.. hahaha.. Funny thing is.. I often saw this old man in the hotel area.. I thought he was just someone who works nearby the hotel.. and I found out that he is our GM.. kekekeke.... don't have GM's look.. hahahahahhaa.. ssshhhh...... don't tell him ya... ;p

The hotel has nominated lots of staffs for employee of the quarter, from front, back, and management level. Kekeke.. the winner will get hotel stay, cert, and $200 cash.. not bad ya.. but too bad.. I don't think I will be one of them in the future... kekeke...

Well.. guess what? Today I finished at 11.20pm.. and reach home 11.45pm. Now 12.45am liao.. gotta sleep now... Bye byeeee

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