Tuesday, November 20, 2007

APB yeahhhh...

Just returned back from APB... hehehe.. so fun... =) More people got high... hahaha.. including me... This time.. it's getting more fun.. cos it's held after 6pm. We reached there about 6.50pm then we went for the tour.. after that we went into the Tavern.. our favourite place.. hahahahahaha
I think I drank 5 glass of Heineken, 1 glass of Erdinger, and 1 glass of Tiger Beer.. and it made me quite high too.. especially when we were entertained by our new coming staff, May, from Myanmar.. She was the reason that made me laugh a lot that nite. We played 5, 10, and funny thing was that.. she was laughing happily.. when she lost.. and she didn't know if she lost.. she thought she was winning.. hahahaha,,
Managed to reach home at about 11pm.. going to sleep soon.. byeeee

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